CUMSLOPPY STORY || Morning Muscle Daddy Fuck

This morning, I noticed that a fuckbud of mine had a load taking ad up on craigslist, I hit him up on BBRT, when I didn’t get a quick answer, I got excited, I knew that up the street, he was getting fucked.

He hit me up a bit later, and asked if I was horny. I told him that I was, and that I wanted to walk into his apartment with him on all fours. He told me to come by, in 2 minutes I was at his gate, I came in and the door was slightly ajar. I walked into his apartment, and there he was in a bike jockstrap, his hairy muscle daddy ass in the air, I walked up to him, got on my knees and looked at his hole, it had already seen some action, already puffy and a bit open.

I ate his hole, and I could taste the sweet cumload being held in his ass, his soft hole gave into my tongue as I spread his muscled ass cheeks and dove into his hole, his grunted in his low deep voice as I tongue fucked his hole, then using that saliva and the cumloads as lube, I entered his ass.

“You’ve been fucked already” I said.

“Yeah, only two loads though, a black guy and a white guy so far, I’m extra hungry today, fuck my ass boy”

I did as he asked, plowing his hot daddy ass,churning the loads deep in his ass, holding onto his muscled bubble butt, drilling him, then slowing down to enjoy his hot and creamy ass. I kept pounding him, and he was moaning, telling me to plow him harder, deeper. He was laying flat, and i asked him to get on his knees, I pounded his hole, and began feeling my nuts boiling, the boiling leading into a humming vibration from the base of my cock into the head, I grunted loudly as I emptied my load deep into his guts.

I stayed inside of him, pulsing my dick as his hole milked the last drops of my load. I pulled out and I chewed his big nipples as he dildo fucked my load deep in his hole, I grabbed the dildo, and worked it into his hole.

He moaned softly, lowly “Boy, you really know how to treat a daddy’s hole.”

I knew he probably had some messages and did not want to monopolize his time, so I got dressed, kissed him on the lips, and left him to his fun.

Courtesy of Life in the Raw. 

  1. this scene from “wildbreed” makes me horny and get hard love both of them … top is a real fucker and bottom is so cute and bad boy !!! Love taste their cum,

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