Introducing John Dahl || Paul Morris’ Newest Fucktard and T.I.M. Exclusive


Treasure Island Media is proud to introduce you to John Dahl, the latest man to be nabbed by Paul Morris.

A San Francisco transplant from Louisiana, Dahl came to Morris as a photo model only. He initially turned down the offer to be in a vid but, at Morris’s insistence, took home a T.I.M. DVD after the photo shoot. A week later, he called back.

“I knew I had one chance and one only,” Morris recalls. “So that very day I flew Luca Bondi up to San Francisco and introduced them. One hour later, we were shooting the two fucking like their lives depended on it.”

That shoot will appear in FUCKTARDS, Morris’s upcoming fuck flick documenting “the noble stupidity of men at play,” and was so scintillating that the director chose it to be the pre-release scene. The scene is available on DTO at the studio’s website now:

Morris was so taken with Dahl’s passion and utter submission, he offered the man an exclusive contract immediately after the shoot. “Wet from fuck-sweat and still in his sex-stupor,” as Morris describes him, Dahl signed.

“I didn’t have a choice,” the blond-haired, blue-eyed Dahl admits. “It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life—and with Paul promising me more, how could I say no?”

In addition to the pre-release scene, Dahl will appear in a second FUCKTARDS scene, “Praise the Lord,” a hole- and cock-worship fuck session between Dahl and Jack Allen. The studio has three more scenes with Dahl in the can, with more on the way.

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  1. John is one hot, massive, fucking stud, and I for one am glad he decided to becum a Fucktard, and hopes he’ll stay around.

  2. I just bought the download. Best 5 bucks I spent all day. Damn that boy takes that big cock like a champ. And the sweaty sheets………. FUUUUCKKK!!!!

  3. Toss the boy to me. I’ll fill him full of cum in a New York second and take my sweet Texas time doing it.

  4. Toss the boy to me. I’ll fill him full of cum in a New York second and take my sweet Texas time doing it.

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