CUMSLOPPY STORY || Birthday DP Part 2

The footsteps stopped just outside the bedroom door. Snort snort…I could recognize that sound from a mile away. It was Ken’s way of letting us know he was ready to get piggy. I could hear zippers unzipping and clothes hitting the floor. Before I knew it, there were four hands roaming my body. On my back, tweaking my nipples, groping my dick and probing my hole. Ken pulled his finger from my hole and put it to his lips. “Mmm this little slut came pre-lubed” I could feel him climb on top of me and slide his hard cock up and down my cummy crack. He put his lips up against my ear “So are you my little birthday bitch?” I grunted an affirmative response and arched my back further inviting him to use my hole.

“You want my raw cock in you, boy?” My mind had gone into sexual overload and all I could get out was a “Fuck me please.” With that, Ken lined up his cock and slid in with one smooth long motion. I gasped at this sudden invasion. His dry cock caused a little discomfort, which quickly turned into pleasure as my cummed-up hole coated his shaft. I began moaning and backing into him, bagging him for more. “Shut this little slut up Aaron.” With that, I was being spit roasted with a cock in my hole and a cock in my mouth. One of my most favorite positions and I hungrily swallowed their cocks with both my holes.

I was completely turned on at this point and needed to get down to business. I pulled Aaron’s cock from my lips and looked up to Ken. “Please let me ride your cock” Ken quickly pulled out and laid on his back, hands behind his head. “Hop on boy.” I got into position over his cock and slowly lowered myself onto his piece. I got his big head through and slowly began my descent down his shaft. Ken was having none of that and slammed his hips upward, driving himself into my hole. A big yelp escaped my lips, followed by a need to impale myself hard and raw. “Oh yea stud. Fill me with that cock. Let me ride it. Love how you stretch open my little cumhole.” My hands grabbed his chest as I bounced myself on his cock, my own cock splashing precum as I went. I bent down and couldn’t resist cleaning his hairy pits, which were completely sweaty from our birthday fuck. One whiff of those pits and I knew I had Grade A tube of man steak up my boyhole.

Aaron got between Ken’s legs and began to lick his balls and my hole. He stopped me on the upward strokes to clean my cum and butt juice off of his boyfriends cock. After a while he moved behind me and bounced me up and down making sure my hole was being loosened up for him. At one point he slammed me down and bent me forward so I could make out with his man. I could hear him spit as he slicked up his cock and knew that I was finally going to get what I was always wanted.

I could feel Aaron’s cock at my entrance and grinned down at Ken who looked like a deer caught in the headlights. In one smooth motion, Aaron slid his thick cock deep inside me next to his man. All the training we did didn’t prepare me for the feeling of two real hard cocks in my hole. I held them both in place as I enjoyed the feeling of being stretched to my limits for the very first time. I got a hold of myself, looked into Ken’s eyes and announced, “Fuck it Aaron.” With that I could feel his thick cock begin to pump in and out, moving against Ken’s cock lodged deep inside me. I put my lips next to his ear, whimpering and moaning in pleasure. “Oh fuck my hole. You like that Ken? Feel good up there with your boyfriend. Stoking your cock in my hole with his dick.”

I could feel Aaron quicken up and his hard thrusts were making me work not to fly off Ken’s cock. I backed my hole up to meet his thrusts just to keep both men in. Then it happened. He pulled me all the way onto both their cocks and let out a massive groan. I could feel his load coating his boyfriend’s dick inside me. We stayed still for a moment until finally Aaron softened up enough to fall from my hole. Now with his cum adding extra lube, I rode Ken for all I was worth. The only sounds in the room were our grunts and the sloshing sound my butt made each time I filled myself with his cock. Aaron moved up to Ken’s face and put his wet cock into his boy’s mouth. As soon as he got a taste of the cum and ass juice on that dick, I could feel Ken tense up as yet another load was deposited into my hole. My load soon followed, giving the birthday boy a nice shower, which his boyfriend greedily lapped up.

Spent and exhausted, I rolled off Ken and laid in bed as I caught my breath. Aaron ran off and came back holding a birthday cupcake. We sang Happy Birthday and the candle was blown out. Finally, I released the loads from my hole giving the cupcake a special icing. Ken ate the cum cupcake with a smile on his face and looked over to his boyfriend. “Wait until you turn thirty”.

Courtesy of a TIM Fan.



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