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Hey, horny fuckers.

This week I’m writing about my experience with the latest Liam Cole film, SLAMMED. 

The trailer for SLAMMED went online a couple of weeks ago and has provoked strong reaction, both negative and positive.

I find it extremely interesting that people feel so strongly about things and I’m happy to read all the different comments; after all, we’re all individuals and are entitled to our own points of view. My personal view of porn is that it often pushes boundaries. I don’t mind criticism of porn and I don’t take personal offense, anyhow—I just give them a virtual hug, hehe.

For example, in response to The Sword’s piece on SLAMMED, I posted the jokey comment about “Unsafe sex — is it safe?” The replies to that comment were rather funny, I have to admit. Among other things, two people commented saying that I’m personally “human scum.” That’s very strong language, and I think it’s interesting they got so angry as to attack like that. I’d rather eat their cum, lol, but never mind that—one can only laugh at ignorance, I think.

Porn has always been a medium for voyeuristic exhibitionistic behaviours and desires. The reasons  people do and don’t enjoy watching it has always fascinated me and, in a way, that’s why I decided to get into it in the first place.

There’s all sorts of porn that people find enjoyable to watch, featuring all sorts of desires and fetishes— bareback sex, condom sex, gay, lesbian, bi, and straight, animal sex, domination sex, fisting sex, sleeping sex (where people are being given “sedatives” and “raped”) and so on and so forth.

Some porn movies are about fantasies, such as devil and angel sex; some are based on famous mainstream films, like The Hole; and some are realistic, hot ‘n’ horny man-on-man action, like T.I.M. vids. But they do share one thing in common: an underlying sexuality and our eagerness to watch and to be watched while doing naughty things—things we are not meant to be doing and not meant to be enjoying, but we still do them and we still enjoy them.


For example, who hasn’t tried to hide or cover themselves up while wanking when someone unexpectedly walks into the room, when you thought no one was home? Why is this? Because it’s “forbidden” to wank openly in our modern society. It’s the biggest and worst-kept secret in the universe: we all masturbate and if we don’t, we bloody well should (it would make a lot of people happier in the office, I tell you, hehe).

My point is this: I don’t watch much lesbian porn, as it doesn’t make me horny and it doesn’t give me pleasure or satisfaction, so I don’t feel naughty. And I want to feel naughty. I want to feel a bit guilty. In a way you create a story in your head while watching porn, don’t you? Pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable a bit further each time, searching new adventures in your mind, testing the ground. I say if you find something horny to watch, than watch it; and if you don’t want to, then don’t. Can’t be more simple than that.

On that note, go and buy Liam Cole’s new DVD SLAMMED, for no other reason than that I’m in a really hot duo scene in it! And I’m not high on anything, just fucking horny, as usual. Do I wonder if the other guys are high or not? No, I don’t. I just love to fuck bareback, that’s it. Seriously, it’s a really hot fuck fest. I’ve seen parts of it and really can’t wait to get myself a copy, hehe!

Apart from that I had a fun shoot this week. Not porn but clothes promotion for a Chinese company with my awesome photographer friend Claudio. I popped a T.I.M. vest on him and he loved it, so I took some hot pics I him. Now that I’ve given mine away, I might have to beg Paul or another one, hehe.

Big naughty hugs – Anton

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  1. is it just me or has anyone got a clue about what this stupid queen is talking about
    liam cole pays theses out of shape misfits 150 for a shoot i mean give me a break 150 pounds
    well u get what u pay for revolting cast most on desprate st and now,were promoting slamming
    not my cup of tea as well brought up inteligent non sex obsessed scum bags
    well done mr cole

  2. Love this video. Wish more were made of Thomas Bauer, the tall fucker who fucks Keiran in the last scene. Speaking of hot fucking, anyone seen that video of Peto Coast plowing into a dude named Cumboy? He’s a blond, mowhawked piglet with a blazing fire tat on his abs. Must find him (we blew each other once in Miami…but didn’t feed each other).

  3. How very absolute! I love are good party. Who doesn’t? Well whom ever your critics are, they are entitled to their opinion. Even if they are narrow minded bastards. Hats off to you and your compatriots, well done. This film is so steamy and hot, its so sultry. I just wants to be as naughty as I want to be. Thanks

    1. are you totally deluded you can not go around promoting slamming videos
      its totally disgraceful
      as are most of the over 60s cast in every film treasure island media produce

    1. i always love a good doggy, kissing over the shoulder,
      or the sitting up kneeling in front of me, with my cock deep inside u hehe

  4. The way I see it is; it’s all natural, meant to be, we are “human animals” separating us from the “non-human animals”. Piggy..any rancher knows that a well trained pig is the
    cleanest animal around…same goes for filth…Just words to demean something that is
    totally natural…ever take time to look at two studs connected together in a fuck, we fit
    together like a jigsaw puzzle…amazing when you think about it, and yes fucking
    NATURAL since man walks upright…Homo Erectus and not Man with hardon…
    So to use those words to excite the mind and mock those who used them for whatever reason, we sex our brains off.

  5. Well said Anton, I could not agree more. Don’t like it then don’t watch it. But there are these condom nazi’s who want to go further and ban it. They all should move to North Korea or something.

  6. Funny…the kissing is what got me rock hard to…. Well that and the chem….but Jon & Keiran were SO passionate…
    Totally wanted to b there!!!

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