CUMSLOPPY STORY || In Heat, Part 1

I stay pretty busy with school, a full time med student, and the horniness just kinda builds up. Friday it all came to a head, so to speak. It started like it usually does, I start looking at some porn of guys fucking bareback and leaving their loads in what I wish was my ass. I cruise the usual online spots, not much going on, so I post a CL add with a couple of ass pics. My ad is pretty specific, trying to weed out the guys who don’t know what they want. Me, I want cum, and lots of it. After watching porn and stroking for a few hours, I get edgy and in heat. My ad says I want a guy to come over,come in my unlocked door, find me naked and ass up on my bed. Fuck me full of come and then leave. I know it can sometimes take awhile to get a response, so I take my iPhone and head to the local mall.

I hadn’t been there in a long time, but I’m fucking horny and wanting it bad. I head into a stall and start stroking, hoping someone will come along soon, i need cock. Thankfully, it doesn’t take more than five minutes, I see this hot black guy walk past my stall door and look through the gap at me. He sees my hard cock and just stares then goes into the stall beside mine. I hear him stroking his own cock so I tap my foot.

He takes his time though and I’m not sure he’s interested, but then he reaches under and pulls on my thigh, obviously wanting me off the toilet and closer where he can feel me. I happily shift and lower myself down so he can reach me. He feels my cock, and I’m kinda disappointed, but he was tentative about it and then pulls his hand back. But he’s not gone for long, his hand comes back and I can see it’s covered with lube and I think, “Damn, he just wants to stroke me off.” But I am pleasantly surprised when he passes my cock and feels for my ass, Fuck yeah, this guy wants some ass. and he does.

He took his lubed fingers and went straight for my hole, fingering and lubing it. He didn’t hesitate there long. In what seem like one liquid movement, he slid his thighs under the stall wall, his throbbing erect cock erect between them, while at the same time he reached under with his other hand and guided my asshole towards his waiting cock. I couldn’t believe my luck, it was all happening so fast, his cock was pushing at my hole, almost playfully knocking at first, then just forcing in all the way so suddenly I gasped. He began to fuck, gyrating in my hole. I could hear him breathing hard, this guy was ready to cum. I was right: he announced he was gonna cum and started to pull out, but now it was my turn to be fast.

I reached under and felt his balls and the base of his engorged shaft and pushed him deep inside just in time to feel his balls contract as he exploded inside me, this time he was gasping… over and over. Fuck yeah, he was cuming a lot. With a final sigh, he started to slip his cock out, and as he did, I slid my finger over my hole so I wouldn’t lose any cum. I wanted every drop. As he walked past my door, he smiled and winked.

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