Chronicles of a London CumPig || Pounding Him Good

Hey, horny guys.

Hope you all have been enjoying Liam Cole’s latest DVD, Slammed. I haven’t got my copy yet but am awaiting it eagerly, hehe.


This week has been kinda quiet. I’ve had a few photo shoots, one with my hot friend Claudio, where I got to wear the TIM top with the dick man (lol). I also put together two different calendars with some of the models I’ve been photographing over the year. I hope you guys like them; you can see them in the shop section on my webpage.

Apart from that, it seems like Big Brother has been watching me: I got deleted from Grindr. As much as I love Apple products and the Apple brand (I’m one of those geeks who’s always had Macs, ever since the first black and white screens with only one floppy drive). But I’m not too big a fan of Apple trying to oversee every app and making everything so “protected”—it’s annoying. I only put that I was looking for big cocks to film for an art project. What’s offensive in that, lol? Maybe I’m being too Swedish, hehe.

This meant that I had to find other means to satisfy my big horny cock, hehe, so I went to the local park. I wasn’t there long before a horny, petit, young Indian lad (24 years old, it turned out) walked in and nodded towards a cubicle. I followed eagerly and found the boy had already pulled down his pants and was bending over. His bumhole was already lubed up when I felt it, too. Wow, here was a boy who really knew what he wanted—I liked that! I turned him around and pushed him down to his knees to suck my throbbing cock. As I did so I closed the door behind me and, at the same time, two eager heads belonging to two older gentlemen popped over the cubicle edge to watch the boy gagging on my cock.

He turned around and pushed his bum towards my cock a bit too quickly, and my cock went all the way into his slim little bum. I could see the sharp pain in his face when he turned around to kiss me, but he kept it in until his bum got used to it and I could start pounding him good. I fucked him so hard and shot a big load into his hole. While he was pulling himself off, I licked my juicy cum out of his arse and then kissed him, hehe. It was fucking horny. Just a shame no one was there filming it. At least I can write about it, lol. I wonder what other action those toilets have seen? We should install cameras, hehe.

Today on my way home from work I also met my homeless friend. He’s been ill recently and couldn’t come out. I said he should come over one evening or weekend and I’ll give him some clothes, etc. I really hope he will, and I hope he understand that I’m sincere. I wish I could do more, and at the same time I don’t want to seem weird or overly pushy.

Oh, and this week my dad will be visiting from Sweden—so I have to try to behave, lol! We’ll see how that goes, hehe.

Big Hugs – Anton

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