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This stance is exactly how he felt.  Straight, self-confident, aggressive but open.  It was hard at first to imagine that he would actually take all of his clothes off for me.  When I turned away and said “Ok, time to get naked” I half expected him to say “You’re kidding, right? I’m not doing that.”

He stripped immediately.  He turned out to be extremely obliging but also extremely guarded.  I had to keep telling him that I wanted him to look right into the camera.  He kept looking at Clay, as if he needed assurance.


He reminded me of the jocks I was always in love with in high school.  And he posed as though he was weighing in for a sport.  The fact that he was being photographed almost seemed to confuse him, throw him off.  

This might sound odd, but I was acutely aware of being a man photographing a man.  Interestingly enough, although there absolutely zero sexual tension in the room, I’ve never worked with a man who touched his cock so much.  I finally had him sit down and put his hands behind him.  I joked “Unless, of course, you want to get hard.”  

Well, it was a half joke.  It’s what I wanted, of course.  But I couldn’t just ask for it.


When he put his arms up, there was a slight smell of sweat, of nerves, of masculinity.

 His expression perfectly expresses the ambiguity of the shoot.   

At the end of the shoot I grabbed one of the dog’s toys and put it in his hand.  It confused him, but he finally relaxed. 

We were finished and I turned off the lights.  He said “Leave it dark and I’ll get a hard-on for you.”

The rest was easy.

Enjoy – Paul Morris

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  1. I want to get into a wrestling match with this ‘straight’ guy. I would fucking dominate him and plow into his virgin hole and fill it with my seed. He would come back for more with out a doubt.

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