I just spent the weekend back in Chicago and had a great time. There is nothing more that I love than pleasing a man with my holes. I had gotten a room at a small motel on the north side that has a parking lot and has outdoor entrances. This works nicely for discrete anonymous fuck sessions.

I got situated in the room and took care of some things I needed to do and then got logged on for play. I posted an ad on Craigs that my motel door was unlocked ass stuffed and in the air. I was looking for hard dick tops to cum by fuck me hard and deep and load my hole. Went about my business to get my hole ready and then responded back to some of the responses.

This took some time as you always get those respondents who want just a bj or want to watch or who don’t read where you are located but after doing some emailing, I arranged with several guys to get over here and fuck me

The first guy was close by and was gonna be there in less than 10 minutes. I immediately got situated with the door unlocked, poppers in hand, lube, and my big 8 1/2 dildo. I started by lubing my hole and sliding in several fingers getting my hole ready for my old friend. I lube up my dildo (old friend), and took a hit or two of poppers. I placed the large dildo at my hole and gently eased onto it. After I got the head in, I stopped and took some more long hits of poppers. the poppers really kicked in and took all of it right then and plowed my hole with it. I was satisfied with my hole fully stuffed and running high on the poppers waiting for the first guy to arrive.

I was laying on the bed with my stuffed ass in the air. Hitting my poppers and hoping I would here the door open. The first guy was mid 30’s 6’0 170  8 uncut. I did not hear him cum in until he said I love that ass. I heard him removing his clothes and then he began stoking his dick. He kept commenting on my ass and how he cant wait to fuck it. I leaned around and got his cock into my mouth. I began sucking his hot thick cock into my mouth while he began calling me names. he told me I was his bitch, his cumdump, his pussy boy for him to use. he told me to stop sucking him and laid me back flat on the bed. He began fucking me with my dildo using my hole for his pleasure. He pulled the dildo out deep and said that he knew I was ready for his cock. He ordered me on my knees so I could suck him while he plugged my hole with that big dildo. I was hitting the poppers and becoming a more submissive slut.

He pulled my ass to the side of the bed and removed the dildo from hole. He placed the tip of his hard dick at my entrance and began to move in slow but I slammed back as I wanted that dick. I wanted every beautiful inch of that big black dick deep with in my hole. His hot hard cock slipped in and out of my ass from head to base with his slow force of his hips. He would pull out all the way and ram it back in and then slow fuck me some more. He told me that my ass working his dick and it would not be long for him to cum. I begged him to cum, with that he slammed back into my ass and began pumping me with a hot vigor going in and out of my hole like an animal. He was laying into my hole calling me the dirty names again, you cum slut bitch are you ready for my load. YES!! YES SIR!! Give me your hot load, make me your bitch!!

I felt his cock twitch and knew that he was loading my hole with his load. He was calling me a good bitch for taking his load. He was gently pumping in my ass pushing his cum deep when his cock started to as he cock softened and slip out of his hole with some of his cum running down my leg. HE smacked my ass as and pushed the dildo back into my hole to keep me wet for the next guy. HE got dressed and said next time your in town let me know. Stayed tuned for future parts in my 2 days of being a cum loaded bottom.

Courtesy of CruisingForSex.

  1. I stayed at the Island House clothing optional resort in Key West. I left my door open and my ass in the air and had several pluggers. It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon. No need to be scared because it is an enclosed resort.

    1. The Island House is a great resort. The playroom and sauna are serious fuck spots late at night. Watched a hot leather daddy use his slave at the table next to me during dinner the 1st night I was there. Fucked him at the table and everything.

  2. I want to get up the courage to have a free for all fucking like this! Like post on craigslist and let anyone use my hole. Sounds so hot and exhilarating.

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