SLAMMED, is an unflinching documentary of lawless 21st century man-sex from Treasure Island Media’s London director Liam Cole.

Produced by the infamously boundary-pushing Paul Morris and clocking in at nearly four hours, SLAMMED is Liam Cole’s most extreme video yet. At the center of the vid is an unforgettable four-part scene in which newcomer Jon Phelps embarks on an all-night odyssey that leaves him slammed, gang-banged, and changed for life.

“SLAMMED is not for the faint-hearted, but the guys are hot as fuck and if you like intensely horned grown-up stuff, then this is for you,” promised Cole. “What Keiran puts Jon Phelps through in one night has to be seen to be believed.” 

In addition to Keiran and Phelps, SLAMMED features some of London’s most hardcore fuck pigs— Jake Ascott, Anton Dickson, Scott Williams, Enzo, Este, Myles Bentley, Paul Mann, Rob Tyler, Sebastian Slater, Simon Layton, and others.

SCENE 1 – Jon Phelps part 1

KEIRAN is a handsome, hard-fucking, donkey-dick top from Down Under. He’s also a seasoned party animal, which made him the perfect guy to break in newbie cum-dump JON PHELPS. 

JON was a little nervous and shy when he arrived, but that all changed like magic as soon as Keiran gave him the slamming he needed. His transformation into a shameless bareback pig is so rapid and total, it has to be seen to be believed.

SCENE 2 – Jon Phelps part 2

Once JON got started, he didn’t want to stop. The action relocates to Liam’s flat, where the guys settle in for a long, uninhibited session.

The second round of slamming unleashes a wild hunger in JON, opening his mind and body to a brutal breeding from KEIRAN. The young newcomer finishes up wild-eyed and covered in sweat, rolling on his back and pulling his hole open with his bare hands, dizzy for more. Which leads on to Part 3 (see Scene 6 below)

SCENE 3 – Blindfolded Anonymous Slam Fuck (Round 1)

SCOTT leads a double life. Mostly he’s sensible, self-disciplined and clean-living. Being slammed brings out anotherside to him: He releases control and becomes totally compliant, longing to be fucked by any man who’ll bareback him and cum in his ass.

To prove that he is totally indiscriminate, he agreed to a blindfold and restraints. He didn’t see the men who fucked him that night, before or after they used him. One of the guys was a fit, hairy cyclist named ENZO. This scene shows what ENZO did with SCOTT’s perfect, slammed ass while SCOTT was riding the waves of euphoric lust.

SCENE 4 – Blindfolded Anonymous Slam Fuck (Round 2)

By the time SEBASTIAN arrived, SCOTT’s hole was already warmed up and sloppy with ENZO’s cum. This opened the way for SEBASTIAN’s steel-hard, curved cock to bludgeon through to new places inside SCOTT.

It’s obvious throughout that SCOTT is in a state of complete sexual bliss and willingness, worshipping ENZO’s and SEBASTIAN’s cocks with his mouth and ass.

SCENE 5 – Anton Fucks Jake

When the inhibitions are down, fucking in front of windows is no problem—even fourth story, wall-size windows open to the whole of east London.

JAKE SCOTT was another young, new guy wanting to enter the world of T.I.M. ass first, and ANTON DICKSON got him started with this rock-solid, exhibitionist, 1-on-1 fuck. Jake’s breeding initiation plays out beautifully against the lights of the city outside.

SCENE 6 Jon Phelps part 3

By this point in the evening it was clear that JON was well past the point of no return. KEIRAN organized for several of his top mates to come over and take advantage of JON while he was in this state: hungry, wide open, and wanting every load on offer.

The gang bang that ensues begins in the bedroom and moves into the living room, where JON is splayed on the floor taking one cock after another in his mouth and ass. 

SCENE 7 Jon Phelps part 4

By this point, JON’s conversion from curious young man to boundless sex-hound is complete.

The party continues in the small hours of the morning, with the four remaining guys mellowing out into a warm sexual haze. By now everybody is fucking everybody, all equally open to each other, in combinations that vary seamlessly from one moment to the next.


  1. If you ever need a pig btTm to film a scene…you could blindfold me, put me in a sling, slam me and it’s on. I wonder how many loads can fit in my pre-pozed hungry hole. 30 for my 30th bday? 😉

  2. Nothing like a man being used, over and over again. Life is too short to not give that ass away or just let them take it. The more stud hungry beast, the more of a bitch you become. HOT

  3. Scene seven is most hot. In every scene he is in, Jon show his pleasure with his eyes and facial expressions. He is hungry for all the quality men and sperm who pound him. Like seeing that Keiran is so versatile.

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