CUMSLOPPY STORY || Labor Day Breeding

I was at a cheap gas station this morning, gassing up the truck to go fishing on the last day of the Labor Day holiday.  It had been filled with chores and I needed to get out and get some sun.  The fishing was really just an excuse.  The kid at the gas pumps seemed about 20 years old (I hope!), was wearing tight cut off jeans, a loose fitting wife-beater tee shirt and had that look of curiosity in his eyes. As I dropped my fishing pole and box of night crawlers in the bed of the truck he walked by and stared at my cock and said, “Nice rod you got there, Mister.”  He winked as he said it.  Not being a fool and nowhere particular to go, I struck up a cheesy conversation that ended with me inviting him to tag along.

He said his name was Mark and he readily accepted my invitation.  We weren’t on the dirt road to my favorite fishing spot for any longer than 5 minutes when he turned to me and said “I want to blow you. Is that ok?”  I immediately pulled to the side of the road and turned off the engine.  This boy was hungry.  I barely got the top button undone when he bent over and took charge of the situation. He wasn’t kidding he wanted to suck my cock.  In no time he had my uncut dick deep in his throat and our moans were starting to sound like a fuck song.  After a good long and wet slurp job on my piece I told the kid I wanted his ass.  He took his mouth off my nuts and said “I thought you were straight or something and wasn’t going to fuck me.”  I jumped out of my truck, cock swinging hard and told him to get out and strip.  To say he was fast in following orders is an understatement.  There was this Mark kid in all his young smooth and naked glory.  Lean with six pack abs, a perfect treasure trail to his pubes from his navel and  a nice sized HARD cock with an impressive set of swinging nuts finished off the package.

Not wasting any time, I walked over to him, put one of his feet up on the back bumper and dropped to my knees behind him.  After a good deep tongue fucking, both of us couldn’t take it anymore.  I stood up, slid my prcum leaking cock up and down his hairy crack until I felt his hot pucker.  With little more than a grunt to give him a heads up, I drilled my raw cock in him balls deep in one push.  He gasped, cussed at me, and squirmed until I thought he was going to wiggle his way off my cock,  I pushed his chest down flat on the tail gate and proceeded to plow his tight young hole long and hard.  After about an hour of this he pushed his chest up, moaned loud and told me to grab his cock (a nice 7 inches or so).  As soon as my hand wrapped around his boy cock he trembled and started to cum.  HARD. So hard I thought my cock was going to be snapped in half by his clenching ass muscles.  When I felt his hot jizz fill the palm of my hand, that was all I could hold back. I slammed in balls deep and proceeded to fill Mark up to overflowing with my cum load.  He said something about how thick my cock got when I filled his pussy, but he just kept pushing back.  After drilling my seed in him deep to make sure it was well planted, I held him until we relaxed and my cock slid out of his hole with that awesome “PLOP” sound.

He groaned again at being vacated by my dick, but my cum just drained out of him like thick white water.  We smoked some weed he pulled out of those shorts and then he said he had to get back to town since he was expected at a Labor Day cook out at his Mom’s in a hour or so.  I had gotten what I wanted from him, so I drove him back to where I found him. After a brief “Thanks man” he hopped on his bike and peddled away.  I went back to my fishing spot and just now cooked the brookie’s  I caught today.  Now if Mark will just use my phone number like he promised before I saw that hot and filled to overflowing boy butt bike away to the family BBQ. Got to love these rural boys.

Courtesy of a TIMFan: Robby.

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