CUMSLOPPY STORY || First Glory Hole

My first visit to an adult arcade was an exciting adventure. I was only 20. I had gotten carded at a local gay club so, a little tipsy and very horny, I decided to go to the “book store” in Irwindale. The place was empty except for a couple of guys browsing the magazines and the clerk at the counter. I purchased $3.00 dollars worth of tokens and walked down the hall in back to the room full of viewing booths.It was dark and several men were loitering around so I quickly selected a booth and dropped a few tokens into the slot and selected a gay video to masturbate to.

The stall was littered with old tissue and smelled like pine-sol. there was a roll of toilet paper above the TV screen and the speaker was broken.I was just getting comfortable when what felt like a finger was poking my side. Startled, I slid across the little bench in my booth and saw a cock sticking through a hole in the wall. My heart was racing. The fear and desire was so palpable that I thought I would drop dead right then and there.


I checked the door latch to assure it was locked and gave the giant mushroom head a kiss. It bobbed approval and a bead of pre cum formed on its tip. I checked the door latch again, turned to the anonymous tool and licked the bead of pre cum away. “suck it!” A voice whispered from the other side of the wall. I licked it again and began sucking and licking the tool. It was so liberating. I licked its length and kissed the tip and sucked bobbing my head up and down its length. Soon he whispered, “I’m cumming, Oh man I’m cumming.” At that he began shooting his load into my mouth, first three rapid spurts then more and all the time I sucked and swallowed the load. When he finished, I licked his cock clean like a mother dog cleaning her puppy. Then I kissed the head of the shrinking cock and whispered, “Thanks baby, I loved it.”

The movie had stopped so I dropped a few more tokens into the slot. The cock disappeared and a business card fell through the hole. “Call me.” He whispered back. I heard the latch open on the booth beside me and knew that my glory hole lover was gone. I picked up the card and put it into my shirt pocket without reading it. I masturbated, fantasizing about my new “boyfriend” and when the tokens ran out, I casually exited the booth. I looked around at the loitering men in the narrow hall between the arcade booths and wondered if one of them was the owner of the wonderful cock I had just taken care of. One of the men grinned at me with a dirty knowing look that I didn’t like so, I exited back to the show room where the magazines and dildos were. A man who was browsing looked at me and gestured to his shirt as though he were doing the pledge of allegiance. Puzzled, I mimicked the gesture and discovered a glob of cum on my shirt. I brushed it off with my hand and wiped it on the wall. I was on such a rush. It was nearly 2, no chance of sneaking back into the Scene One Bar. I drove home, brushed my teeth and fell right to sleep.

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