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I called Craig around 6 and he seemed excited about my phone call he quickly invited me to his house. I got ready and headed over there he lived about 45 minutes away. i arrived and knocked on the door he answered looking very good i couldn’t wait for what this night had in store. We sat on the couch and had some beers and talked. I found out he was bi as well and he had only been with a few guys and like me had been craving it for a while now.

After no time we where tangled up kissing and removing our clothes my cock was rock hard and i could feel his was to. I kissed my way down and removed his briefs and inch stroked his 7 inch cock and then slowly took it in my mouth it felt so good in my mouth. I couldn’t stop sucking it i rubbed his balls and then he stopped me and said he wanted a turn. He removed my boxers and began quickly sucking my cock. He was so good at it i could have came instantly.

We then got into a 69 position so we could both enjoy at the same time. I wanted more so i pulled away but i found he wasn’t finished. He told me to get on me knees on the couch facing it back ways. He plunged his tongue into my ass and gave me the rim Job of my life i have always been a fan of getting my ass licked but he did it better than anyone i could have came from just that. I stoked my throbbing cock while he made me moan with his tongue.

I was ready to be fucked and he knew it. Craig grabbed the lube sitting on the table next to the couch and massaged some on my hole and on his cock. I felt his press the head of his huge cock against my hole i knew it would be tight because it had been so long then i felt the tip penetrate me and he slowly slid about halfway in and started thrusting back and forth moaning your so tight. He kept getting deeper and deeper until i took the whole thing inside me i was in heaven i was finally getting what i had been craving.

I came twice while he fucked me and was still horny and rock hard. but he hadn’t came yet so i let him keep thrusting because it still felt amazing. Then he let out a moan im gonna cum i pulled him in and let him cum in me. I felt his warm cum spurt into me and it made me more horny i was ready to fuck him.

I instructed him to lay on his back on the couch. I lubed up his ass and my cock. I slid closer and penetrated his hole it was so warm and tight. I thrusted hard pumping my cock deep into him while i stroked his cock. He had this look in his eyes like he couldn’t get enough. I was ready to cum again and i let him know this and he told me he wanted it in his mouth. I pulled out and jerked my cum into his mouth which he swallowed. I finished jerking his cock until he came. We laid there for a few minutes and he suggested we take a shower so we did. We fucked again in the shower and i ended up staying the night and we fucked again in the morning it was one of the best nights of my life and i hope to do it again.

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  1. The story was wonderful, and I especially loved that it featured photographs of Antonio Biaggi and the infamous and delicious Christian. WONDERFUL!

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