CUMSLOPPY STORY || For Fuck Sake, Fuck Me!

I was in New Orleans on one of my semi-regular business trip to the city. I had a long day with lawyers and decided to have dinner then pay a visit to the Club on Toulouse for some ‘relaxation’. I thought that I would go to the bar for a drink before dinner to get me in the mood for the rest of the evening. The bar was empty apart from one other suited guy. He was about ten years younger than I, good looking, tanned and looked to be in good shape. He was chatting to the bartender and after a while I joined in, and eventually he introduced himself as Dan. As the bar got busier I found myself in a one-on-chat with Dan. When he talked he stared into my eyes and I knew there might be something there. This was confirmed when he suggested dinner in the hotel. He said that as were both on our own there was no point eating on our own. Over dinner we chatted and whilst things got more personal -we were both single and unattached – we did not discuss our sexuality. However my gaydar was in overdrive. As we got up from the table it was he who suggested a night cap. As the bar was now very crowded he suggested that his room may be more personal and I agreed.

As soon as the door was closed he pulled me to him and started kissing me passionately – he paused briefly to say “Not wrong am I?” Without replying I simply pulled him back to me and continued the kissing. Without breaking apart we made our way to the bed and fell back on it. We must have been locked in the embrace for ages. It was both passionate and highly charged. After a while we removed each other’s shirt. He had a lovely, toned, and moderately hairy chest – I got the impression he shaved it from time to time. I buried myself in his chest and started sucking and nibbling his pert nipples. As I did so I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. At last I could feel his cock. It was just above average but very thick. I was somewhat surprised that he too was uncut. I had to have his cock so I went down and took it in my mouth. I tongued and nibbled on his foreskin for a while and then took it all the way down. He enjoyed this for a while then pulled me off in order that we remove the remainder of our clothing. We then started kissing again and body rubbing – as a result our cocks were both solid and I could feel our pre-cum between us.

After a while he broke away and went down on me. He was a great sucker and as he devoured my cock he started fingering my hole. My reaction let him know exactly what I was after and he rolled me on my stomach. I felt my cheeks spread and another finger entering my hole – this was soon replaced by his tongue, and boy did he know how to pleasure me. Frankly, how he got is tongue in so far I do not know but I was now frantic for his cock and he knew it. The next thing I felt was his cock head rubbing against my hole – he did this for a while and I was screaming at him to fuck me. I felt him push his cock in but I pulled away. “Have you got any condoms” – I asked. “No” he replied “did not think I would need them on this trip.” He continued to rub his cock against my hole and I was passed the point of no return. “For fuck sake fuck me” I cried out “but don’t cum in me!”

With that his cock was soon in me. He was thick and stretched my hole at first but once he got into the rhythm I soon began enjoying the feeling of him inside me. This was the first raw cock I had ever had inside me and it felt great – so natural! The more I thought of his raw cock inside me the hornier I got. He was a great fucker. He loved to pull right out of me then ram his cock all the way home. He had been banging away at my hole for some time when I felt his cock quiver inside me. “I am about to cum” he said and started to pull out.

I was desperate to feel what it was like to have someone cum inside me and without thinking I said “Do it” and pulled him back inside me. Within seconds he was shooting a huge load and I could feel every drop of it. He stayed inside me until his cock started to soften then pulled out. As he pulled out I felt the cum drip down my leg. It was the greatest fuck I had ever had to date. I had been converted to raw fucking and do it every time I get the chance. I won’t miss out on a fuck just because the other party wants to use a condom, but my preference these days is raw. This is not a problem as it seems that more and more guys want it this way too!

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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  1. My introduction to raw sex was similar to this story. There is nothing better than feeling cum dripping down your leg. I confine myself to raw fucking these days.

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