CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Adorable Cum Dump

I requested an invite to an out of towner having a gangbang in LA. He was staying at the Sunset Dunes.

I went over once I got the room, it had barely begun and he already had two loads in his ass, this guy was so fucking cute, had these sweet brown puppy dog eyes, that I remember staring into as I fucked him.

I threw him on the bed, on all fours, and ate his sweet hole. He was loving the tongue fucking and soon I was rock hard and had to get into his hole, as I did, I smelled cum and felt the warm gooey semen on my dick. It was amazing fucking his wet hole, I laid him on his stomach and I drilled him.

I placed him on his back, and fucked him some more, he put his arms around me and we kissed. I kept fucking his hole, harder, deeper. Fuck, such a perky butt and such a wet fuckhole. Sliding my bare cock in and out of his gaping cum filled hole. We listened to the sloshing of cum.

Then I put him on all fours again and ate his frothy fuckhole, he was moaning some more, and I rammed him again and fucked him until I shot a huge load in his ass Added my DNA to the plenty of guys that were already in.

I left so he could serve whatever tops were coming next, when I got home I got an email saying DUDE, THAT WAS HOT!!!

We agreed that I should come over the next day after the gym, I did. I undressed him, taking a moment to take in his cute butt in his white briefs, his hole had about 20 loads in it, he had gone to slammer the night before, man it felt epic, I told him that he didn’t have to tighten his hole for me, that i love a nice and loose used cummy fuckhole. We made out as I used his ass, and when I had him on all fours, he told me about all the men that fucked him at the gangbang and at slammer.

That was driving me over the edge, and I shot a deep load in his amazing ass.

Hope he comes back to LA soon.

Courtesy of LifeInTheRaw.

  1. Fuck yeah. I love the photos of Christian, that boys hole gets me goin like no other.

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