10-08-12 TIMJack Exclusive || ARI & His Beautiful 8.5″ Cock

Admire Ari’s beautiful 8.5″ cock as he beats it to an explosive finish. Now on TIMJack.com.

COCK: 8.5″
AGE: 24
TURN ONS: “Letting a guy’s cum dry on me and wearing it around under my clothes all day.”


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  1. Give me a sissified tranny and you could see me put my cock deep in there real deep.
    I am 35 now, but if you are interested let me know.

  2. I wondered if we’d see more of Ari. So we know he can suck and jack. Now let’s see him do some ass fucking with that beautiful rod of his.

  3. This kid swallows Dan Fisk’s load in one of the “Drunk On Cum” series. Just maybe the most beautiful cum-on-tongue ever recorded. Breathtaking.

  4. WOW i love that load. I want that load to be smeared all over my ass and hole after he fucked it into me with that huge cock and i’ve pushed his load out.

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