CUMSLOPPY STORY || Fare Trade part 1

Derrick was back in town and staying at the same seedy motel off New York Ave. and he had just spent the weekend sharing my ass with several other big raw dicks. As the driver put the cab in gear and headed out of the parking lot, I could only regret that I had to leave and get back home to get ready for work.

As the street lights showed through the car windows, and the cum in my ass continued to work itself in, my thoughts were interrupted when the cab driver asked, “Do you mind if I smoke?” “I don’t care, go ahead,” I said. I took a look at the cabbie now. He was about 40, jet black hair, looked like he may be Indian, or Pakistani, nice beard, and a thick accent. Smoke filled the cab as he exhaled and said, “So you been partying tonight? Going home now? You know that motel is a pretty bad place?” I was in no mood for playing 21 questions and rudely replied, “Yeah, I know it’s bad, that’s why I was there. I was there partying and taking as much big raw dick as I could find and now I have to head home, but am still horny as fuck!”

The cabbie looked in the rear view mirror at me and did not reply, and I just stared out the window feeling frustrated. I was not really paying attention when the cab stopped at a corner, turned, and then immediately went through a chain linked fence gate into a large parking lot. I sat up, wondering where we were and said, “Hey man, is this a short cut or something?” The cabbie did not answer as we drove past a bunch of commuter buses, a line of taxicabs and some other vehicles. He turned left and stopped at the end of a row of buses and turned the cab off. The cabbie opened his door, got out, shut his door, then opened the driver’s side back seat door and climbed in back with me.

The cabbie immediately unzipped his pants, pulled them down his hips a little bit and said, “Come on, suck me.” Awesome! I was so dick hungry and wasted no time as I gobbled his dick up and started sucking him good. His dick was nice and meaty, long foreskin, and really hairy with hair coming half way up the shaft. I had to keep stopping and pulling hair out of my teeth and finally said fuck it, and just focused on sucking him. The cabbie leaned back, placed his right hand on the back of my head and began bucking his hips to feed me his dick. I was massaging his big hairy balls, which were now pulled up tight and I knew he was getting ready to cum. I wanted his cum in my ass, but any load was better than none, so I opened wide and swallowed his nutt deep. He moaned loudly as I milked his dick, forcing his balls to give me more. When I was satisfied he was done cumming, I started to pull off his dick, but he pushed my head back down and said, “No, get me hard. I can go again.”

No problem there, I made myself a little more comfortable and got back to work, enjoying the cabbie’s nice uncut raw dick. By now the windows of the cab were totally fogged up, but I was not concerned at all about being caught. The place seemed quiet and who cared anyways, all I could think about was more dick. In a few minutes he was fully hard again and I focused on working my tongue around his dick head, which seemed really sensitive. As I was flicking my tongue in his piss slit, he pushed my head away, hiked up his pants and said, “Come on.”

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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  1. Damn I cant wait for the next part, this sounds so fucking hot. Too bad i never find hot cab drivers.

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