One night I was online talking to guys on one of those gay websites. I’m not really out so that how I usually meet guys. Well, I was surfing around when I got a message from some guy saying that he saw me cheering at the last B-ball game. He also said that he got hard every time I was flipping or throwing the girls in the air. I said thanks and didn’t think anything of it.

The next day I was cheering for my college basketball team again, I was in my uniform doing flips and everything when I noticed I had gotten a stain on my pants. I told my coach and he gave me another pair to change into and told me to hurry up. With that being said I knew I couldn’t go to the bathroom it was too far so I went behind this closed off area under the bleachers. It was closed off by a curtain so I stripped my stained pants off and was standing there in my uniform top and my jock. Next thing I know this guy comes in and says my online screen name. I turned around and it was the guy I had talked to the night before.

I answered back, “Hey dude what’s going on?”

“Nothing just admiring the view.”

I laughed hesitantly. Next think you know he grabbed me and started grinding his hips into me. Now I’m no little scrawny guy I’m built but this guy was fucking strong. I tried to push him off but he had a good 20 pounds of pure muscle over me. I yelled for him to get the hell off me but no one could hear me everyone was screaming and cheering for the game. The guy then started grabbing my ass and probing my hole with his finger. His fingers hurt because I have always topped and never bottomed before. He then whispered in my ear, “I’m going to fuck the hell out of your virgin hole.”

I yelled, “Fuck you!”

I was still trying to get him off but pretty soon I got tired and couldn’t fight him off anymore. He then turned me around and grabbed both of my hands with one of his and pinned me against the bars under the bleachers. He then started to undo his jeans with his other hand. I was trying to wiggle my self-free but his grip was insanely strong. I then heard him spit into his hand. I felt his huge finger massaging my tight hole. Then he said, “Damn you have a nice bubble butt.” I then felt the worst pain ever as he shoved his dick right in my ass. It hurt so badly. He waited a second for me to regroup before he took it out and shoved it back in. I felt as though I couldn’t breathe I was so tired from trying to get away that I just collapsed over the bar as he started to fuck me harder and faster saying, “yeah, take that dick you straight acting faggot.”

I felt my virgin hole being stretched. While he was still pumping me he reached around front and pulled my jock down. I was surprised at how hard my dick actually got. In spite of the initial surprise I was really enjoying our encounter. He started jacking me while he was fucking me. His breathing started to get heavy then he said, “I’m fucking coming.” I felt his cum shoot into my ass he then pulled out of me and said, “your turn.” He started jacking me harder as he bit my ear.

I could still feel his cock against my ass as I screamed out, “I’m cumming!” and I shot my load. I was so exhausted I couldn’t move.

I then heard him zip up his fly as he said, “Thanks for the hot fuck Cheerboi89.”

I got myself together as best as I could, put on my pants and tried to finish cheering for the second half. I had never been more satisfied by a hot fuck. I laughed to myself as my whole team wanted to know why I was limping.

Courtesy of StickyPen.

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