His penis was pumping in and out of my mouth, balls slapping my chin. Sweat was glistening off his smooth torso. The taste of his pre cum was salty. I slowed him down a little….I wanted this to last…I wanted to savor the taste of his penis. I wanted to enjoy the way his cock felt in my mouth…balls slapping my chin.

I pulled away…he looked confused. Lay back I said. Sheldon did as I asked. Now what, he asked. I had him legs back and I spread his boy ass. His penis was leaking pre cum all over. I was thinking how crazy this was. We were completely exposed here at school. It was after 7 pm and some of the clubs were holding meetings. Anyone could walk in.

Sheldon was on the lacrosse team. They were meeting to discuss ways to raise money for new equipment. I have always been very active in the school sports program so I was asked to be there.  Sheldon lives near me in the condo complex and asked me for a ride.

In the car he accidentally dumped my bag over. And of course a gay magazine fell out and opened to a page with a very cute guy. I quickly grabbed it from him. But he wanted to see it. So he flipped through the magazine while I drove us to the meeting. Sheldon seemed fascinated when he saw pictures of two guys sucking cock. He was particularly intrigued with a picture of a guy with cum splattered on his face and in his mouth. He asked questions like…what does cum taste like. He said he had heard that I like to suck cock. I asked who had said that. He laughed and said most of the boys on the football and lacrosse teams. Fact was I had actually sucked a lot of those boys off!

By the time we got to the meeting Sheldon had a raging hard on, and so did I! I really wanted to suck his cock, but figured we needed to be at the meeting.  Looks like your cock is hard, I said. Um…yeah…its freaking hard as fuck, he said. I reached over and gave his penis a squeeze. Ooh…that’s nice, he said. Can you suck my dick, he asked. Sheldon is a wet dream! I have watched him in the condo complex for a while. Every time my mouth watered for his cock!

I think we were both so horny we didn’t think about the meeting. And now my face was in this boys ass. I spread his cheeks and licked his balls first…sliding my tongue up and into the crack of his smooth ass. When my tongue found his ass pucker Sheldon let out a little whimper of ecstasy! He pushed his hot boy ass into my face. I tongue fucked him till his pre cum began to really leak.

I pulled my tongue from his sweaty boy ass. Sheldon’s penis looked like a rocket ready to go off! He spread his legs, jeans around one leg near his ankle. I had complete access to his smooth balls. I licked my way over his ball sack taking each nut into my mouth. I sucked his balls till they were soaked. I let my tongue slide up the length of his thick cut eight inch penis. Pre cum was all over it. I swallowed just the leaking head of his penis. I let my tongue dance over the large mushroom shaped head! Sheldon was going crazy. Then I sucked his cock all the way down to his balls….he was in my throat! I sucked up and down…each time taking his penis into my throat.

Suddenly with his cock deep on my throat Sheldon blew his load of sweet thick boy cum! He had seemingly endless amounts of cum. It was spilling out of my mouth. I tried to swallow as much as possible…but sadly some of his boy ball juice ran down my chin. I was also blowing my load on my pants!

 Courtesy of BoicummII. 

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