What makes a gay soldier different from a straight soldier?

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A poignant new video which aims to draw attention to how gay and lesbian soldiers continue to face discrimination even after the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is making the blogosphere rounds.

Titled “Second Skin,” the clip honors “all who have served our nation so honorably; but we reserve a special remembrance for all those who have provided the same service, taken the same risks, and made the same sacrifices to keep us safe, yet are treated as second-class citizens by the country they are sworn to protect,” according to veteran and OutServe-SLDN executive director Allyson Robinson.

More specifically, “Second Skin” — which was produced by Freedom to Marry andOutServe-SLDN — hopes to show how LGBT soldiers are treated differently because of the Defense of Marriage Act.


DOMA unfairly denies married same-sex couples the 1,138+ federal protections and responsibilities that the government provides to other married people, dividing Americans into first-class and second-class citizens, with first-class and second-class marriages. 

Unlike all other married couples, same-sex married couples are denied such important protections as Social Security survivor benefits, immigration rights, family and medical leave, and the ability to pool resources as a family without unfair taxation. 

Find out more about how DOMA harms same-sex couples and their families: 


Gay and lesbian service members risk their lives to protect ours while their families are denied the critical protections of marriage because of DOMA.

DOMA prevents the federal government from respecting the legal marriages of same-sex couples and forces the military to treat married gay and lesbian service members and veterans and their families differently than it treats all other service members and their families.

Find out more about how DOMA harms same-sex couples and their families:

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