CUMSLOPPY STORY || He Tells Me When To Swallow

I was chatting with my fuck buddy yesterday morning. I had been busy and we hadn’t gotten together in a couple of weeks. He said he was home alone and that I should make an excuse to get out of the house and stop by, even if it were just a quickie since there wasn’t time for what I like best, for him to fuck me. We decided I’d give him a quick blowjob for some relief. He tends to be dominant and call the shots, which I really like, and today was no different. Before I signed off to head his way, he told me he didn’t want me to swallow his load as he came like I usually did. He wanted me to keep it in my mouth, show it to him, and he’d tell me when to swallow. Damn he knew how to push my buttons. Fifteen minutes later I was walking up to his door. It opened before I knocked. He was standing there naked from the waist down, with that big, beautiful hard on sticking out. He shut the door behind me and I immediately got on my knees and started sucking him, licking the shaft, taking as much of him in my mouth as I could.

A minute later he said lets go to the bedroom and finish this. He told me to strip once in the bedroom. I dropped my pants and my own hard on jumped out. He told me to lay across the bed with my head hanging off and he started humping my mouth. The angle let me take almost all of him. I’m still working at getting that last inch or so in my throat. When I met him I could only take about half of him so I’m making progress in the throating department.

After a few great minutes of this he told me to slid further on the bed and he lay down beside me in a 69 position. I went back to hungrily sucking him and got a surprise. Usually when we met, I only pleased him, we both liked it that way but out of nowhere today he took my cock in his mouth. It felt so good I let out a long groan and redoubled my efforts on his dick. He started thrusting in my mouth and talking dirty to me. “You like that dick don’t you? You want that cum? You working my dick for that load? Don’t swallow it until I see it.”

A few seconds later I felt his shaft swell a little and recognized he was about to shoot. I pulled back a little so I could follow his directions and felt the first of 4 or 5 strong jets shoot in my mouth. Damn I loved it when I made him cum. After his cock stopped jerking and relaxed, I pulled it out and kept my mouth closed. I felt like my mouth was about half full of his load, seemed more being held then when I swallow it. “Show me,” he said. I opened my mouth and showed him the thick load, moving my tongue around in it. “Now swallow what I gave you.” Immediately what was in my mouth was gone. I’m the most masculine guy in the world, the kind no one would ever guess would like MM play but I do so enjoy it when he makes me his cum whore. Courtesy of StickyPen.  

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