PAUL’S PHOTOS || Fredric


There’s a very quick interaction in the beginning of each shoot. It’s subtle, I think, and involves my watching the man out of the corner of my eye. How do they wait, standing nude? Some almost dance with nervousness, others stand stolid and still. It’s like walking into a room with an almost domesticated animal. Not dangerous, yet dangerous.

Fredric watched me and stood very relaxed, smiling and waiting with absolute comfort. I knew immediately that we could play–with lighting, poses, attitudes.

He’s 25, a point in a man’s life when he’s drawing in as much information as he can.  Not yet adult but yearning toward adulthood.  Sometimes this period can make a man awkward, even awful, to be around.  He’s taking his first determined steps as a man but hasn’t completely left adolescence behind.  With Fredric, there was intelligence and playfulness; there was also a deep seriousness of intent.

I won’t deny that I’ve become obsessed with mens’ profiles.  And in a darkened silhouette you’re given such basic facts to study.  In Fredric’s silhouette I saw a boy becoming a man, a handsomeness that might be missed if there were more explicit details.  This is an aspect of a man that’s more telling, I think, in part because they rarely see it themselves.


He’s a musician–of course.  And a dancer and artist–of course.  I would move him into a pose and he would take it, exaggerate it, move around until it felt proper for him.  I don’t know how he would define his sexuality (I never bothered to ask), but he was sufficiently sure of himself to allow me to touch, move and enjoy his physicality freely.

Nervousness sometimes makes a man’s cock draw in and become small.  For others, it leads to involuntary erections.  With Fredric–and this is rare–his genitals were as warm and relaxed as the rest of him.  I love this state: open, available, full of life and the potential of sex.

As usual, I said “Last shot.” He asked me what I’d like–a very rare question in this situation. In fact, I think Fredric is the only model to ever ask that at the end of a shoot.

I said “Show me whatever you like.” He reached behind him, ripped the backdrop, pulled it in front of him. As I watched, his cock began to swell. As it grew harder, his hand clenched more and more tightly into a fist, holding his erection down. “Take it now,” he said to me. It was firm, almost a command.

I snapped the shot, then sat back to look at him. We smiled at each other for a good while, each knowing how much pleasure this shoot had been for both of us.



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