Hey San Francisco – Want A Piece of THE FUCKTARD?

Earlier this week we ran into the FUCKTARD aka Jay Elliot out on Mission street, hustling the corner like an original call boy. He was looking for some quick cash so that he could score a place to crash. Knowing he had few limits, we agreed to pay him $50 to suck whatever cock we found. He agreed and before long we had him choking down a random pedestrians dick, in the alley behind our office.  

If THE FUCKTARD has limits, we have not found them, though from the looks of it he’s giving San Francisco the opportunity to his boundary. Yup, that’s right, THE FUCKTARD is now available and whoring himself out to any willing Bay Area man with cash in hand. Using infamous RENTBOY.com to facilitate, this is how he describes himself:

I was Jay Elliott, a Mormon-raised, innocent, suburban gay boy who moved to the city to discover new things and have a good time. five years later and now I’ve been dubbed The Fucktard and doing scenes for TIM. What can I say? When I find something I enjoy I make sure I enjoy it as much as I can. I’m a passionate guy who looks for pleasure in every part of life. A hedonist, beyond a doubt, but with a broad range of interests, from discovering new fun things in the bedroom to riding my road bike crazy distances in the summer, or listening to Led Zeppelin loud enough to wake up the whole block. I am 5’9″,140 lbs, brown hair, green eyes, 8″ long, thick cut dick. I have a very nice body with tattoos, slight abs, thick legs, and a nice ass. Fun to talk to. Gimme a call. U can also email or text.

Top, bottom, left or right Our Fucktard will take it any way it comes. Up for the challenge? Hit him up today and see where he takes you. Just be ready, he’s a wild one. 

By the way, call him The TIM Fucktard and see what it gets you…



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