11-15-12 TIMFuck Exclusive Scene || Fucked Six Ways To Sunday

When German stud Joe Bexter arrives and sees fellow countryman Aaron Bang laid out on the bed, napping, he can’t resist getting a close-up look at Aaron’s beautiful cock and Prince Albert piercing. And then he goes the extra distance, waking Aaron as he wraps his lips around that tantalizing flesh. After some sucking and rimming, Joe finally gives Aaron what he needs, ramming his thick, uncut meat up that tight fuckchute. Moaning and panting with pleasure, the Euro fuckslut gets reamed over and over, in multiple positions, ultimately rewarded when Joe spatters his hole with gobs of goo.

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  1. I love the sound of a ass hungry man, taking the ass of a sleeping man, and filling his victim to the fullest.

  2. OH, MY GOD! Now that is what I call a GREAT way to wake up from a nap! And the way that Joe Bexter nibbled Aaron Bang’s neck and ear while fucking him? I AM surprised that did not melt the camera!!

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