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Hey, horny guys.

This week has been a busy as usual, with many horny boys gobbling down my cock and cum in my office toilets and other random places, lol. I’ve also been doing more stills photography for a “mainstream” porn film, which is rather interesting.


When I say “mainstream” in quotation marks like that, what I mean is that I’m not too sure if it’s mainstream, as all my friends tell me they only really watch Treasure Island Media stuff (yeahhhh!!!). But also what I’m referring to is “the old ways” of making porn.

I’ll explain. When I was younger and started doing porn, it was all done in a very specific order: a lot of fake visuals, fake fucking, sound and face expression recorded separatel, etc. The whole experience used to be (and feel) as asexual as having a bowl of cereal in the morning (unless your bf was blowing you under the table, of course… That happens sometimes, which is always nice, hehe).

This shoot I was photographing was going through the same procedure, as well as a separate photo shoot with all the same fucking positions . All very planned and organised, making sure to show off the guys in the best way — making it all very artificial, if you see what I mean.

I’m sure it will look great in the end and the film will be hot to watch but, my god, I have to say I prefer the way we film here at Treasure Island Media: a few horny guys meet up, we fuck raw, hard, and sweaty till we cum up someone’s horny bumhole, and then we go home, hehe. No fuss, no chit chat, no hanging around, just raw and horny man-sweaty action! Yeah boy!!! Hehe.


The guys on this set were doing really well but, as hot as they were, I could not say I envied them. It certainly looked like hard work. I did get some hot photos of them though, hehe, always nice.

Oh, I almost forgot: I’m filming another music video on Saturday with a friend of mine. You will LOVE it, I’m sure, strong concept!

Anyhow that’s all for now. Go out there now and make some homemade bb porn for me, hehe.


Hugs – Anton



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  1. Hey Anton,

    Treasure Island Media is the best porn site around. Bareback, Rough, Raw and natural….Letting men do what they do best “FUCK”.And let the cum flow ..The way men should fuck. Once I found the T.I.M. website, I can’t image watching any other porn. Sex between men shouldn’t be staged, Just let nature take it’s course.

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