CUMSLOPPY STORY || In The Mood For Some Dessert

“Excuse me, are you done with the salt?” said a low voice. “I don’t have any at my table and of course my waiter is nowhere in sight.”

I looked up from my worn paperback and into the deepest set of blue eyes I’d ever seen. His strong chin and piercing stare took me by surprise. I smiled and handed him the white shaker. His fingers grazed mine as his smile pierced through me. I could feel myself getting red in the face. Quickly, I looked back into the yellow pages of my book, but I could no longer concentrate.

I watched as the stranger walked back to his table. Where had he come from? I wondered. Giving up on my book, I put it aside and concentrated on my cup of coffee. Slowly I took sip after sip; all the while I stared at the handsome stranger. From time to time, he would meet my gaze. As luck would have it, he too was dining alone.

Before long we were both playing a game of darting eyes. With each second that passed my cock grew harder and harder. He looked so good in his three-piece suit. I longed for what was hidden under those expensive garments. Once he finished his meal he stood up, I could see the outline of his cock pressed against the fabric of his trousers. Casually, he cocked his head to the side motioning me to follow.

I watched as he made his way through the tables filled with the sounds of family conversations. I waited for a few seconds before getting up to follow. I tried not to look anyone in the eye as I pursued him into the restrooms. Inside the smell of sterilization filled my nostrils. I slowly made my way to the only stall that was occupied. I could hear his heavy breathing grow with every step I took.

I placed my hand on the cold bathroom door and pushed it open. There he stood like something out of a dirty porn video. With his fat cock in his hand he looked into my eyes. I stepped inside the cramped space and locked the door behind me.

“Thought maybe you were in the mood for some dessert,” he said.

I swallowed hard and dropped to my knees. I placed a hand on either side of his waist and took his monster between my lips. His hands gripped my hair as he threw his head back and lunged his hips forward, cramming his cock into my hungry mouth. My lips wrapped tightly around his shaft relishing every inch of him. The spongy head hit the back of my throat and kept pushing forth.

I held on tightly as he began to pull in and out of my throat. My arms wrapped around his muscular legs as I pulled myself closer to him. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and examined it. The bulbous head glistened with a mixture of pre cum and saliva. I wrapped my fingers around his veiny shaft and with my thumb pressed on the underside of his cock I began to stroke him.

“Oh fuck man, you’re gonna make me cum!”

I looked up at him. I could see the orgasm all over his face. Just a few more strokes and his cock began to spout out stream after stream of creamy white jizz. I took him back in my mouth and let him drain his seed. His cum was a salty mixture that I couldn’t get enough of. When he finished I reluctantly let him go.

He shoved his cock back into this pants and zipped up. I moved to the side as he walked past me and out of the stall. I rested against the porcelain bowl and wondered if I would ever see him again.

Courtesy of StickyPen.

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