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It’s been a long while since I first lived out my favorite fantasy. But let me start at the beginning. I didn’t have any gay sex desires until I was in the Army overseas. I took a leave to Paris and bought some sex story books at a stall on the left bank. When I returned to my room, my roommate and I began reading the books and we both got hot. Before long he was touching himself and I joined him. We wound up feeling each other up until we shot our loads but that was all.

I didn’t think about gay sex again until I was in my late thirties and began going to X-rated movie theaters. They turned me on like mad and I would often cum in my pants in no time. I would see other guys jerking off and then, one day a guy sat next to me and reached over and felt my hardon through my pants. I shot my load right then and was really embarrassed about it. The guy was much older and surprised that I came so quickly. He leaned over and whispered, “I’d like to take that for you later.” He moved away and I left the theater…hiding my wet spot with my hand.

A few months later I let a guy take out my cock and jerk me off. Then a week later the same guy asked me to go to the mensroom with him. I did, and he took me into a stall and gave me my first blowjob. As I shot my load into his mouth I realized that two other guys were watching us. They had their cocks out and were stroking them as they watched. When my guy got up he quickly took each of their cocks and sucked them off. I loved watching him do them. I actually jerked his own cock off and his cum shot all over the floor. It was great.

I guess it was a few months later that I sucked my first dick. A guy about my age had been showing me his dick and teasing me for several weeks…begging me to go down on him. He knew I had never done it. The more he showed me his dick…the more tempted I became…until finally, one afternoon I leaned down toward it and he put his hand on my head and said, “That’s it, man. Lick it for me and then suck it. You’ll love it.” I put my tongue on his cockhead and licked it. It felt kinda funny but I did like it. Then he whispered, “Come on, man…take it.” I opened my mouth and took two or three inches of his rock-hard 7″ dick. He pushed my head down more and pretty soon I had most of him in my mouth. I began moving up and down like guys did to me. The more I did it the better I liked it. I was actually disappointed when he suddenly came. His huge load of hot cum blasted into my mouth. I didn’t know what to do but decided not to swallow it. I pulled up and turned away from him and spit it out on the floor. Then I watched his cock grow smaller. He thanked me and asked how I liked it. I told him it was okay. Actually I couldn’t wait to suck another cock.

I was hooked now and spent the next few years going to theaters…mensrooms and rest areas on the freeways looking for nice big dicks to suck. I had hundreds. Now I want to do three or four guys at the same time. I would like to be in the woods and on my knees with guys standing around me with their cocks out…stroking them until they are fully erect. Then I will suck each one off…swallow their loads and let them cum in my mouth or on my face. I’m just a cum junkie now so if you’re interested give me a line and we’ll see what cums up.

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