PAUL’S MEN || Vol. 10 – Mowgli Fin

Paul Morris has been obsessed with men, their bodies and sex, all his life. With captivating photographs, raw observations, and a thoughtful, candid recounting of each singular encounter, Morris illuminates the nude bodies and revealed souls of the real men he meets. Now you can experience what it’s like to be in the studio with Paul through these behind-the-scene stories and full color images taken by the man himself.
PAUL’S MEN–a series of eBooks optimized for the Apple iPad by Treasure Island Media, so you can have hot, hung, beautiful men wherever you go.

Clark –

Morris takes us deeper behind the scenes of his photo shoots than ever before, with a 16-minute video that accompanies his revelatory photographs of Mowgli Fin, a poor, homeless, Radical Faerie —”It’s rare to find a young man who was delighted to play with his own appeal, who understood the pleasure I took in lifting his shirt up just so much.”

A writer recently said that my descriptions of the men I photograph are sentimental, overly emotional, even histrionic. I think he’s displeased by the fact that I don’t always present men as rawly as I can in the pornography I produce.

But in these sessions with men they often reveal aspects of themselves that are usually hidden or blocked.

And with a man like Mowgli, how can I say anything that’s true that won’t seem cloying or false to someone expecting porn? Mowgli, who doesn’t own a television or a computer, who wants nothing materialistic, is a welcome mystery in my life. I shot this image as he looked over with obvious love at Trevor. Nothing hidden, nothing denied, nothing feared.” – Paul Morris

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