CUMSLOPPY STORY || Dormroom Swallow

For a long time, I had fantasized about being with another guy. Every time I masturbated it would be to pictures of men and I would always imagine being with another man and having his dick in my mouth. It wasn’t until my freshman year in college that my fantasy turned into reality.

I met Donnie when I first moved into my dorm room. He lived three doors down from me and we quickly became friends. I had never thought of Donnie as a lover or even as someone interested in me. However, I was always noticing his nice bulge when I would catch him in his boxers or bathrobe. Multiple times I would imagine what it looked like, and what it would feel like to suck on.

After the first semester, he moved out of my dorm and into a different one. I would go to his dorm and hang out with him multiple times and we would always have a few drinks and stay up late playing video games. His roommate was rarely around, and in the last month of the semester, Donnie’s roommate had officially moved out – this made my time in his room increase dramatically.

One late night, we were playing video games and just hanging out with some beer and tequila. Normally I would just walk back across campus to my room to sleep for the night – but this night was different. I had decided to just stay in the room because the two beds had been pushed together to make one big bed – big enough for me and Donnie to fit.

For me to sleep naked was not anything uncommon – and this night was no different. I was lying there, naked, with my dick hard as a rock thinking of Donnie next to me in his boxers. I figured I wouldn’t ever get this chance again. He was lying on his back, and I knew I could at least touch his dick on “accident.” As I reached over to get a feel in, I realized he was as bare and naked as I was.

As my fingertips made contact with the tip of his cock, I realized he wasn’t asleep. He whispered to me, “I didn’t think you would do it.” I knew at this point he wanted it just as much as I did. I began moving my hand around the inside of his legs – barely rubbing against his nice, sweet, shaven cock.

I began going up and down his cock with just my fingertips – feeling his smooth, bare bulge begin to grow with each stroke. I moved closer to Donnie; ready to make my fantasy a reality. I kissed the inside of his legs as his cock rubbed against my face and forehead. I grabbed his rock hard cock and moved it closer to my lips. I began kissing it up and down his shaft, making me hornier and hornier. I made my way down his shaft, to his balls, kissing and sucking on them very carefully.

Finally I got my dream. I took the head of his cock and put my lips around it. With the head of his cock now in my mouth, I stroked up and down his cock. I began tasting his pre-cum and slowly moved my way down his 7-inch shaft until I felt his cock deep down my throat wishing there were more. My dream was coming true.

I grabbed his balls and began playing with them with one hand as the other hand rubbed his cock up and down with the stroke of my mouth. I sucked his cock deep and fast, begging for his cum; ready to finally feel it in the back of my throat. I felt his shaft begin to throb as I put it deep in my mouth and felt a load of cum shoot down my throat, then another, and one last stream.

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