CUMSLOPPY STORY || First Poppers Fuck

I had been drinking for several hours with friends one night. Around 2 am everybody was going to bed, so I decided to drive home. On the way, I knew I didn’t want to home to bed. I was horny!

I went to a bookstore that I’d been to before. It had a movie theater on one side and a set of booths on the other. I watched a guy in drag suck and fuck some Mexicans in the theater, but as soon as the Mexicans were done with him, he left. So I then went over to the booths.

I tried jerking off to some porno, but couldn’t get excited. I kept looking at the glory holes in the wall, hoping for some action.

Finally, a nice fat cock appeared. I got down immediately and gave it a few flicks with my tongue. Then I sucked the length of it. I don’t know what he had on his cock. It tasted slightly like oranges though.

After a bit, the guy pulled his cock back and asked if he could join me. I was so hot now that I agreed. When he came to my booth, he was a cute older guy in his mid-40’s, I guess. As soon as he came in he kissed me. He had a strange, almost minty taste to him.

I started sucking him again and he pushed my pants down. He tried to slide a finger inside me, but I was too tight. I wanted him so bad I put some saliva on my fingers and worked my asshole while I sucked him. When I thought I was ready, I stood up and leaned over the bench in our booth. He tried to enter me but he was just too thick. He asked, “Want some poppers?” Then he did some.

I had never tried poppers before, but I knew they were good for getting loose for sex. So I tried some. We made out for just a little and I suddenly felt great. I slid three fingers in my ass with some more spit and knew I could take him.

I bent over again and he entered me. God, it was great. He held my hips and drove into me. Soon he was saying, “Can I? Can I?” I knew he wanted to cum inside me and I was so close myself that I begged him to fill me up. He came and almost immediately slipped out of me. I could feel his cum running out of my ass. I shot my load all over the wall in front of us as soon as I felt it.

This was my first and only time with poppers. It was one of my best sexual experiences.

Courtesy of StickyPen. 

  1. I dunno about anyone else, but I have always wanted to do this, but never have had the Balls to do it!! Sex with a random stranger while you cant see his face but only his cock is hot! No ties, no known identity, only you and a hole, with a cock coming out! I think this guy had some balls to get down this way, and it made for some good Cumshots from my Cock!!! Many Many Cumshots!!!!

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