Wow it was about to be our fourth time to meet. I was about to go hunting and decided to call my friend from my small hometown to see if he was up for a quickie. As a matter of fact he was if I could be there before the game was over. He was gonna be alone but just for a short time. So I rushed to get over there!

I made it in about a half hour. I only had a few minutes maybe the other half of the hour that was left was about it. So me being in a hurry all the time, I jumped out the truck and rushed in taking my boots off at the door and heading straight to his room. He was in some shorts and a shirt but was very loose, casual, lazy kinda. I asked him to close the blinds and when he returned I was on my knees snatching his nice thick 8-inch cock from his shorts and swallowing it in my mouth. I loved it when his cock was not quite hard yet and I could lick it and suck it ‘til he was hard as a rock!

MMMMMMM he does have a nice cock! I was sucking him, taking him all the way in and out as I stroked my own cock that I had let loose. I sucked him harder than ever before! The first few times we had met just hadn’t gone exactly smooth and things hadn’t always gone like we would have wanted them too but today was different. He had, had enough of me sucking him deep so he lifted me from the floor and got on his knees. He went straight to work on my cock sucking it long and deep as well. Oh he had a short beard that I loved to feel on the inside of my legs. He loved to suck cock! He went up and down on me sucking so strongly! I couldn’t take it any more!

I stood and asked him if he was ready to fuck me? I am very straight acting and married, in fact, you would never know I liked guys but I love for a guy to take control of my ass and go to work on it! I laid over his bed legs up and ass out. I reached down with my hands and spread my cheeks as far apart as I could. I looked over to see him squirting some lube on my hole. Then I felt him starting to push his huge mushroom head of a cock just into my ass…it had been a while for me and I knew I was very tight. I felt him start to open my ass then pull out, push it slightly in and pull it out! I was begging him to go slow, I knew it was gonna hurt! He slowly started to push it all the way in. I began to tense up as it was about halfway in and he tells me to relax and just hold it right there. I did and released my ass muscles. I felt him begging to ease more of it in until it was buried and he was holding it still. I could feel him twitch inside me. The burning was subsiding and turning to pure pleasure!

He began to pump it slowly and hold my hands to my side. I felt him pushing so deep that I pushed my ass back as far as I could to meet his strokes. I loved it when I had all of a guy in me! He was picking up the pace and was getting harder. His belly was making that popping noise when he hit my ass with it! His thrusts were getting harder and he was driving my head into the bed. His cock was one of the biggest I had ever had and was filling me to the brink! He was a good fuck! He reached up with his hands and grabbed my nipples squeezing them then dragging his hands back over my stomach to my ass as he pumped me so hard. I was groaning and asking him how he liked my tight ass. He then took his leg and lifted it to the side of the bed to get a little more of that big cock in me and drove it harder into me. Holy shit he was a good fuck!

It was getting close I could tell he wanted to cum in his little bitch! I asked him, “Are gonna cum in your bitch, you gonna let me have it?”

I heard him say, “Get ready,” and then he rammed his cock for all he had, burying it in my ass ‘til I could feel his hot cum oozing in my ass. I reached down and stroked my cock ‘til I exploded with him inside me!


I felt him begin to soften and slide out of me. I reached and slid my finger over my beaten ass hole and felt it gaping open all hot and wet and abused. I pushed just a little and felt his cum ooze out and over my fingers where I smeared it on my asshole and cheeks. My asshole was so violated! I looked at him and my friend slapped me hard on the ass and said, “How bout that?”

Damn he was one hell of a fuck! Until next time, I cant wait for the fifth!

Courtesy of StickyPen. 

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