Chronicles of a London CumPig || Happy Naughty Santa Wishes


Hey, horny guys out there.

This week has been a hectic one, as most are, but this one has been even more: we’ve started to look for a new flat as our greedy landlord is selling our fab 1-bed flat for £395,000 (CRAZY!!!).

Although Dino has been doing the work of looking at most of the flats, running around like a headless chicken, I’m the one in charge of going through my “crap,” as he labeled my architecture and photography books. etc. It has been a lot of fun, though—boxes everywhere and old memories revealed just in time for Christmas, lol.

But as I’m sure you know, being busy doesn’t stop me from having time for being naughty, lol, and as usual I’ve had a lot of fun too. One of the particular highlights was doing a guy dressed up as an angel, a horny, fit lad with the perfect, rimmable, smooth bubble butt. He sucked on my fat rod while sitting on my face for me to enjoy his hole, which tasted so sweet. Before pulling out and spunking a huge load over his back, I kissed him passionately from behind with my cock deep inside him.


I also met up a random, sexy, fit Brazilian lad in a flat close to the bus stop at work, on my way back from a meeting. I stopped in at his place, where he was received me in a jockstrap, all ready to go. I rapidly pulled off my clothes and jumped straight in, pounding his bum and face good, until I shot a big load into his horny muscle hole, hehe. Then I put my clothes back on and back to work. Love these little quickies.


Anyhow, on another note, something that made me really happy today was that I saw that homeless person, the Eastern European lad I mentioned in previous posts. He was with a woman who appeared to be his girlfriend or wife, and two lovely kids around 6-10, a boy and a girl. So it really looked like he managed to turn his life around for the better just in time for Christmas. I have my fingers crossed that he and his family will do well. And I hope all you guys out there reading this are doing well too.

With that in mind I want to wish you ALL a great Xmas and New Year’s. I’ll be stuck in London packing boxes but Dino has treated us to two days in a luxury hotel with spa treatment and restaurants over the Christmas days. It will be lovely to get away from the boxes for a bit.

Big hugs,



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