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Eric’s Raw Fuck Tapes #5

Reviewed by Buckhead Daddy


One of the things I love about Treasure Island Media (TIM, Paul Morris Producer) is the talent that exists in this company. TIM has several directors, each with a unique style, but all keeping within the TIM style of video–hot, unique, raw and creative. Eric Paris, the director, and Paul Morris. producer, have made a series of sizzling raw fuck films that don’t disappoint.

Eric’s Raw Fuck Tapes #5 features a series of 5 scenes, with the hottest guys fucking in the backroom of a bar, at a rest stop, in an isolated hallway, by a pool, and in a bedroom. The scenes seemed more themed than most TIM videos, and tell a story rather than just showing hard-core barebacking. This is one of the differences I have noticed in Eric’s videos.

One thing I would like to have seen more of in this video were close ups. There are many, but this video shows more of the men’s bodies and action from a distance. While that gives you a full perspective on what is happening, I am a close-up, dick-in-hole kinda guy when it comes to my porn preferences.

I loved this video. The men were hot, young, great bodies, huge cocks, and sweet holes. I couldn’t decide on my favorite scene, but since I like boyish young guys, I liked the final scene the best–the one in the hallway with the smooth, young, bottom boy getting his hole filled by a hot, muscular, hung top, probably around the same age.

One scene which was a real turn on was when two straight guys fucked this eager bottom in the bedroom. It was a casual meeting, but the straight boys were hot. And they loved to fuck and breed ass. I think they were more bent, as they didn’t fuck like straight men. Loved the scene as it showed a lot of ass pounding, not slow delicate fucking.

The video had three, three-way scenes, and two one-on-one scenes. There was something for any porn addict in this video. You will enjoy the video, and the unique style of Eric Paris and his European cast.

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  1. I love Eric’s vids and I agree with your comment about Paul having several directors, each with his own style. That was a great move. I enjoy all of them.

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