I had spent the day drinking and hanging out with friends. Towards the end of the day, after being really horny and really drunk I decided to go to the local bathhouse. If I really think about I should have known that I would be bred if I went there and that is what happened.

I walked to the bathhouse and checked-in, deciding to get a room. I’m not sure why I wanted a room, except that I thought in case I did hook up with someone, we would have a place to go. As I said, I was really drunk, the clerk who checked me in, must have been able to tell that, but after I paid for my room, he handed me a towel and told me my room number. I went in search of my room. There were a lot of guys walking around and I was having a hard time walking down the hallway and finding my room. Along the way, I saw an open door – an older guy was standing in the room jacking his cock. It was not a very huge, but was a really nice cock. I think I stood in the hall way watching him for a while, and then went back in search of my room. Once I found my room, I locked the door and sat on the ‘bed’. Feeling horny, drunk and wanting to get fucked, I undressed, draped my towel around my waist, and headed-out to see what I could find. The first stop on my route was the guy down the hall who was jacking his cock!

When I arrived at his room I saw he was still alone, and he was now laying on his back. I walked in, dropped to my knees, to started to suck his cock. He had a nicely sized mushroom head and I did my best to suck on it and jack on his shaft. He didn’t say a word – he simply lay on the bed, placed his hands on top of my head, and guided me in taking more of his cock into my month. He tasted exceptionally good and all I could do was to suck on it and start playing with his hairy balls. My head was spinning, I was drunk and horny, and all I could think about was how I needed this cock. It had been way too long since the last time I had had sex and this guy’s hard cock in my mouth was good!

CSS I Was Fucked Raw

After a while he rolled over and pushed me onto the bed. At this point I should have thought twice, knowing what he likely had in mind, but in my drunken state all I could do was lay there as he grabbed my ass checks and spread me open with his hands. I heard and felt the lube bottle squirt along my ass crack and onto my hole. He started to lay on top of me and I finally thought about what was about to happen. His mouth was right next to my ear, and I could feel his breath and the day-old growth on his face. He puts a bottle of poppers next to my nose and I had no choice but to inhale the fumes as he lined-up his hard, dripping cock against my hole.

CSS I Was Fucked Raw
I start to whimper and say ‘No’ but he held the bottle of poppers in front of my nose and said simply ‘SSSHHHHH’. Even today, as I write this, I can still hear him order me to be silent. In any event, he pushed into me and I knew he was taking my hole raw, but all I could do was to whimper ‘No’ – as I inhaled the poppers. All the while he repeated ‘SSSHHHH’. And then his cock was totally lodged in my ass, which was deliciously filled and started almost involuntarily to milk his hard cock! He did not start to fuck me at once, but did keep me plied with poppers. As I again whimpered and moaned, ‘Nooooooo’ he started to aggressively fuck me. In my current state, ass spread open by his cock, drunk, and fully poppered-up, he might have fucked me a minute, he might have fucked me for an hour. I really do not know. I do know moaned and whimpered the whole time and he kept saying SSSSSHHH and fucking my hole raw!

And then he came. Maybe it was because I was drunk, or perhaps as a result of being utterly poppered-up, but what ever the cause, but I felt a warmth explosion deep in my ass that started to spread. My cock meanwhile jerked and I came on the bed. As he came he gave a final push deep into my ass and repeatedly grunted, not saying a distinct word, only filling my ass with his seed.

CSS I Was Fucked Raw
Then he stopped pumping. He did not pull out right away, but let my ass absorb all his cum. When he pulled out I get to my feet and stumbled out of the room, his cum running out of my ass and down the back of my leg. I had been barebacked and bred!

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