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He’s been in porn, loves sex very much.  He came to me to be in my videos.  I was drawn to his obvious enjoyment at being in a male body.

Having been photographed by pornographers before, he knew all the porn poses. I couldn’t get him to stop falling into one of them so I finally told him to get it out of his system. “Give me all the porn you can,” I told him.

After a while he started relaxing and having fun with it. I said “Make this the last porn shot.” This is what he gave me.


With the porn worked out, he stood at ease.  His arms were hanging at his sides, heavy and still. The perfect poetry of a man’s genitals and his hands was all I saw now. I love men; I love the heaviness of mens’ genitals, their fullness and hang.  I had him spread his legs and Trevor gently sprayed water on them.  With no exaggeration I can say that this is church for me, the place of real religion.

Following a hunch, I had Trevor grip his balls like this. The young man said “You can squeeze real hard. I like it intense.”

Trevor likes to pretend he has a sadistic side but the truth is he’s a loving and gentle softie of a guy. He was hesitant to squeeze hard until I put my hand around his and gripped very, very hard. If I’d shown their faces in this shot this is what you would have seen: the young man is smiling in pleasure while Trevor is looking sad and worried.


He’s a man who loves being a man. He loves the toughness, the sex, the intensity, the appetites, the satisfactions and the fun. Through the entire shoot he was laughing and enjoying himself. Then, at the end, a moment came when I caught him looking off, as if he had forgotten where he was. For just a moment he felt vulnerable, even fragile.

A second later he snapped out of it and grinned at me. I smiled at him and said “That was the last shot. Thank you.”



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