CUMSLOPPY STORY || Arcade Breed and Seed

We all know the dark game and this game is like no other. Wondering around the arcade in the dark with nothing but the light of porn videos to light the way. In and out of booths looking for a cock to suck or to ride, bending down to peek through the hole to examine the slab of meat on the other side.

Today was like any other day at the holes. I was was walking around scoping out the patrons. I ventured in to a few booths and came out unsatisfied. I am pretty much versatile and like most gay men I LOVE TO SUCK COCK. In a booth I am on my knees sucking on a nice 7 uncut thick blue collar cock and was fed a thick load I literally had to swallow, he zipped up and moved on. Back on the prowl I ended up on the other end of the spectrum with a pink cut 8 inch white collar who pinned my head against the wall and proceed to fuck my throat til he released his pent up juice. He also zipped up and left. All in all I sucked 6 cocks in 25 mins and swallowed every last load, but this story is about the 7th cock that was fed to me through a glory hole.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Arcade Breed and Seed

The 7th cock was thick about 6 inches cut and white. He plopped it through the hole and I did what every cock sucker does, I got down on my knees and started to service. He pulled it out then fingered for my cock. I happily obliged. His mouth was so velvety, warm, and his saliva was like silicone lube. His mouth was fantastic. After a few minutes go by I realize I am moaning and starting to fuck the hole and buck up against the wall. I quickly pulled out, I needed to have the full effect of this treasure. I bent down and motioned for us to go into a booth together. He agreed.

In the booth before I could blink he was on his knees with his pants down and ripping my down too…. Sucking on my cock, servicing my balls, it was wonderful. I found myself gripping the back of his head, shoving my cock deep past his gullet into his throat and fucking his voice box. I was merciless and I enjoyed it. I didn’t want to cum too soon so I again quickly pulled out and assumed my normal cock sucking position and went to town. Sucking his cock, I started to finger his hole using his own spit….. Then and right then is when I took charge…. I new I wanted to fuck this guy, this white about 5’6 in a his business attire. I wanted to own him….

I stood up and told him to strip to my surprise he did. We hit every wall in that booth and soon we were getting knocks at the door and someone staring at us through the gloryhole. We were no longer quiet and hiding the fact of what we were doing. I bent him over and rimmed that hairless hole (not my favorite cause I am a fur fan) and watched that pink pucker twitch with anticipation…. He knew what was coming and quickly dug into his pocket for a rubber and handed it to me. I looked at him and quickly surmised that he just wasted a rubber cause this whore was going to be be bred…..

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Arcade Breed and Seed

Again, more knocks at the door, cocks being shoved through the hole and we could care less…. I rimmed that pink pucker and got it nice and wet, then I had him spit on my two fingers with his fantastic saliva and slide them in his hole. I then threw the rubber on the ground completely intact and rolled like it comes and whispered in his ear, “for a whore like you we don’t need this.” You could tell by the look in his eyes he was worried but also lost in the moment and then he uttered the words “fuck me, fuck me please,” and me being a smart ass I replied, ‘if you say so.”

There I was sliding into that pink pucker and before I knew it I was dick deep and his face was pressed up against the wall. I was having my way with this whore and loving it. A hand was stroking his cock through the hole and I just bucked away. We moved all around that booth and his face was on every wall of it. Just as I was about to paint the walls of his hole. I asked him if he wanted it, if he wanted my seed and he replied ” yes please breed me.” That wasn’t loud enough for me so I said louder ( I wanted the men outside the booth to know I was breeding this whore) and again he replied a few octaves higher “please breed me.” Again I said I couldn’t hear you and then he peered over his shoulder at me and almost screamed ” give me that fucking seed and breed my hole” and to that I released a solid 5 jets of seed. I was still dick deep and wallowing in my own cream and I tapped on the hole to motion for a cock…….

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Arcade Breed and Seed

I pulled out of his used hole with a plop and said, “clean me up, but you have to do it while riding that cock.” as I pointed to the prick jutting out of the hole. He quickly spun around and slid his cummy hole down on that prick and started to clean me up. I found it rather hot that there was another cock riding my fuck juice in this whores hole. Once I felt I was clean enough, I pulled my jeans up, zipped up and whispered a bit of gratitude to my buddy that just took care of my needs. I looked over my shoulder before I opened the door and watched him ride the wall….. he was loving it.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

  1. Good story to warming ;). I’ll go a local gloryhole place after 1 hour. It’s open 6 AM and there is about 20 boots, 2 slings, darkroom,”jailhouse”, 2 screen rooms ( hard-core gay-porn comes all the time) and weekends there is easily 100-150 horny guys at night time.I’ll do as many BJ as I could and anyone who has time to fuck my ass have a choise to do it. At the latest when I’ll be sling.

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