02-21-13 TIMFuck Exclusive Scene || TREVOR SNOW Breeds CHRISTIAN


When Trevor Snow made his debut on TIMFuck last fall, everyone wanted more of him–and that included fuckhole extraordinaire Christian. The desire was mutual, so we rented the guys a room for the afternoon. The air is thick with anticipation as Christian, blindfolded and gagged, waits on his knees. As soon as the gag comes off, Christian dives in and gorges himself on Trevor’s meat, driven by instinct and need.


Once the blindfold is gone, Trevor pulls Christian to his knees, only to bend him over and eat out his sweet ass. Replacing his tongue with his turgid cock, the topman thoroughly pounds Christian into submission in multiple positions, ultimately dumping a white hot load of gooey spooge. DIRECTOR: MAX SOHL Now, ONLY at TIMFuck.com


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