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And Cal/OSHA Is Watching Porn.

Across the board, in all industries in the state, the very real dangers to employees are steadily on the increase.  And due to inadequate funding and a paucity of inspectors, the state agency given workplace safety as its mandate cries out and complains that they can’t help.

That agency, Cal-osha, is busy watching porn.

The actual dangers to employees in the workplace in California have been steadily on the increase.  But the agency given the mandate to prevent this is watching porn.

In California in 2012 human beings have been literally cooked to death on the job, they have had their scalps torn off by machines on the job, they have had legs severed on the job, been crushed to death on the job, burned to death on the job, fallen to their death, been sliced in half by industrial die-cutting machines

But at Cal-osha, their staff and legal teams are watching porn.

Horrific deaths and maimings occur in growing numbers, while on-site deaths in confined workspaces–including those in Silicon Valleydue to asphyxiation and poisoning are occurring in higher and higher numbers. 

But Cal-osha is watching porn.  Not just my porn, mind you.  They’re watching a lot of porn.  That takes a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of resources. A lot of kleenex.

An estimated 6,500 workers in California die each year from chemical exposure.

No, I didn’t get that number wrong.  My finger didn’t slip on the keyboard: 6,500 workers a year in California.  Trust me: I got the stat from Cal-osha.  At least they’re counting. (appendix A, page 3)

6,500 worker deaths a year from chemical exposure alone.

In porn, 0 worker deaths.  That’s zero. As in, not a single one.

I guess I can’t blame Cal-osha.  Watching porn is a fun way to spend time.  Devoting yourself to watching porn is a great way to pretend you’re monitoring an industry that has a record of zero fatalities, nearly no accidents, very little danger at all.  It’s like monitoring skateboarding.  Or surfing. Much more fun than dealing with actual tragedies.

All over California, workplace violence and killings are radically rising in numbers.  As of 2010, on-site violence accounted for 26% of work-related fatalities.  Again, the numbers are from osha.  Trust them: they can count deaths once they’ve happened.

On-site violence in porn: 0%.  Fatalities from porn violence, 0. (appendix A, page 20)

Watching porn is, I’m sure, far more relaxing than figuring out how to keep men in tuna packing plants from being slowly and horrifyingly cooked alive.  Watching porn is easier than making sure that non-English speaking employees in factories don’t have their scalps ripped off because they can’t read the warning signs.  There’s no blood or gore or horror or human tragedy in porn.  Porn has no sliced tendons, no maimings, no broken necks.  No widows.  No orphans.

The most consistently dangerous occupations in California–each having significant numbers of annual fatalities–are fishing, logging, farming, mining, construction, garbage collection, trucking, warehouse work and police work.  Porn isn’t even on the list.  If you added up all the fuck-ups and errors and slippages and rug-burns in all the porn made all around the world, it still wouldn’t make the list of dangerous jobs.

Even the staid financial sector–the world of suits and Italian shoes and lots of greenback–is more dangerous than porn.  Way more. In fact, around 7% of job-related fatalities happen in finance annually. (appendix A, page 6)

Finance: 7% of California job-related fatalities.

Porn: 0%

But Cal-osha, their staff and legal teams are watching porn.  In a time of shrinking public funds, a time when public officials and employees really shouldn’t be rewarded for wasting time, wasting their training and wasting the tax-payer’s bucks…Cal-osha watches porn.

Did I mention the non-English speaking employees who died being baled like cardboard for recycling in massive baling machines?

Have I mentioned human trafficking and slavery in California (children and adults in the thousands being worked to death in the Golden State)?

Did I mention pregnant 17 year old Maria Jimenez who was literally worked to death on a farm in the Central Valley after Cal-osha failed to inspect her work-site even after repeated pleas for help had been filed with them? (appendix A, page 15)

It’s real good that Cal-osha is watching, investigating, studying pornography as much as they are these days. It’s good that they’re using their limited resources to obsess on an industry that doesn’t even make the list when it comes to dangers or fatalities.  It’s real good that Cal-osha is giving their resources to porn when, as they themselves point out, given the number of workplaces in California and the number of Cal-osha workers, it would take them 158 YEARS to do even a one-visit, cursory inspection of every business. (appendix A, page 26)

And all this taking place in the state which is ranked dead last–50th out of 50–as the worst-run state in the Union

I really can sympathize with Cal-osha and their obsession these days with pornography.  It must take their mind off the work they should be doing for the people of California who pay them and need them so desperately.  Perhaps the fantasy world of porn can help them forget all the Californians who are injured, maimed and killed on their watch.  We can learn a great deal from California and Cal-osha concerning the wisdom of resource management.

Paul Morris

(appendix A) Source: DYING at Work in CALIFORNIA – the HIDDEN STORIES behind the numbers


  1. A letter from a AVN Hall of Fame actor known as Nick East here.
    Michael Fatorrosi turned me on to your little farce of a blog here, and I thank him.
    Wow! They’ll give ANYONE a blog nowadays, eh? I hope nobody who reads your drivel is stupid enough to believe a single lie you’ve told here! Public Health at large is the issue with condoms in porn and the ONLY reason the adult film companies are being DEFIANT towards an already existing law (yup, they’re breaking the law and you’re defending them!) concerning condoms is LOSS OF PROFIT!!!! How dare you make light of a worker safety issue that has been largely ignored for far too long!
    I have absolutely NO respect for you and I wonder if you actually tell your family your idiotic views concerning WORKER SAFETY ISSUES!!!!
    And telling horrific lies about fatalities in California?
    I’m not even going to bother reading the one “HIV Don’t have higher death risk”!!!
    Go away, you lying liar!!!

    1. Well la dee da. You’re a “ha- been” B- Rated porn dick who can’t find work since 2007. Your “post,” limp as it is (like your cock), is full of self hatred and hyperbole, I pity left-overs like you who can only TRY to stay relevant by belittling the opinions of others. Want to wear condoms? By all means, knock yourself out. But don’t presume you have any moral authority to tell me what to do with my life. Go back to your job as a dishwasher and be quiet. You yell to much to be taken seriously.

    2. CDC Mortality and Morbidity Report
      *California AIDS Deaths 2012: 240 cases. 62% occurred in the California Department of Corrections facilities.

      *California Heart Disease Deaths 2010 – 58,034 – (latest available data.).
      Nick, are you going to rant and rave against obesity in California as well?
      Naw, I bet you don’t. That would be too hard, huh?

    3. Your a straight porn star so that hardly makes you qualified to know much about the gay bareback porn shoots since you have never done one.

  2. Weinstein is using the CAL/OSHA they probably have to investigate all complaints by statute, since it would not be right if they just picked only the ones they wanted so they still have to review and find that it is without merit which costs $$$

    This video explains some of his less than caring motives

  3. People have died because of involvement with porn. HIV/aids. Suicide too. It’s legit. Clearly if I was cal OSHA I wouldn’t give a fuck about adults who choose to fuck for money. That’s their prerogative if they want to be nasty infected sluts. Cal OSHA should focus on real hazardous working industries. Leave the porn alone and fix the real issues. I dislike TIM porn and any bareback porn but OSHA is wasting time and effort and neglecting the real issues. As much as I’d love to see TIM business blow up with everyone inside.

      1. Oh of course. Because bareback drug addicted HIV infected pigs. Are so hot. Like breeding pigs. Disgusting.

        1. Like I said, don’t watch, Jerk. No one is making you watch just like no one is making you become a republican or a democrat or to dress in pink. Don’t like it? DON’T WATCH – ASSHOLE. And men breeding like pigs is HOT. I’m guessing you don’t get fucked which is the source of your frustration and judgments. So go fuck yourself.

        2. And your able to verify these accusations of drug addiction? Put down your crack pipe and get real you have nothing backing that up. Your just biased towards those who have HIV I guess. Pathetic!

  4. It’s all part of anti bareback nazi Michael Weinstein’s plan to rid the world of bareback porn at the expense of HIV AIDS patients and taxpayers. His organization should have it’s license as a charitable group pulled because they are nothing but vindictiove haters now. Michael Weinstein should move to North Korea where his type of hate and censorship is welcome.

    1. I agree with you. I hate TIM. Regardless OSHA is wasting everyone’s time and life by trying to push this. They know they’re ignoring real issues.

    2. yeah!!!!
      How dare AHF comfort dying AIDS patients!!!! How dare they stand up for the lowly sex worker who IT APPEARS none of you asswipes could care less about! Nazi? You people are astounding in your stupidity!

      1. x
        Feel the same sense of self righteousness about all of the other laborers who are killed in California while on the job, asswipe?

      2. But that is part of the problem instead of comforting those AIDS patients dying they are out spending who knows how much to ban bareback porn, and this is during a time of federal research grant cuts. As for the lowly sexs workers well I think many would be offended being called that. You must think lowly of them and think they are idiots or something who are unable to make their own decisions in life.

        What’s next banning sex all together?

  5. This post is so true. Ultimately, Cal-osha is going to fail. I loved the irony. Osha, what a bunch of jokers. My father lost a finger at work, and then got tricked out of his compensation for his injury.Now I guess I know where OSHA was when he got hurt. WATCHING PORN!

  6. What a bunch of shit!! Oh well, you’re probably making some sales as I’m sure the “suits” all had boners and couldn’t believe guys actually had great sex together!

  7. WTF….Hey Paul anything I can do help just let me know. TIM is the best porn site around.

  8. I don’t quite understand this. Why is TIM the specific target of AHF/Cal-osha’s thrust? Are they led to believe that because there was already a precedent case being made against TIM in 2010 – that is much easier to march their cause, for TIM has remained defiant and flagrantly non-compliant? This looks highly suspect.

  9. Fight the mother fuckers Paul. Get the government out of my bedroom, my ass hole, my throat, my life. Ass wipes. What can we do to help?

    1. REally, Scruffy? Your bedroom is smack dab in the middle of a porn set? Wow!!! I bet your bed is really filthy, eh?

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