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If you are a cocksucker like I am you will really enjoy this video. I decided to write my review about the video in general and not really get into the individual scenes. There is an extreme eroticism when a man sucks another man’s cock. It’s the social taboo of men with men that makes it the hotter. Max Sohl in this video does a magnificent job capturing the process, the dick, and the intense connections between men when they suck dick. Its truly like no other cocksucking video I have ever seen.

The video adds an even more sexually charged component to it via the pairing of the men who suck and get sucked. Men who you would think would be total tops slobbering on another man’s cock; younger and older pairings; and cum gulping whores craving for more cum than the top can produce.


Add to that the locations that the sucking takes place–from adult bookstores, to glory holes all around Manhattan to private apartments and tea rooms–you soon get the idea that cocksucking is definitely regular favorite in New York city. In this 150 minute film more than 40 men participate, and there are 30 glorious cumshots! If you love cum, this will make you crave these big dicks shooting their heavy loads.

All of your favorite TIM men participate in this video including TIM Exclusive DJ, Morgan Black, Tony Bishop, Peto Coast, Mike Cruise, Rocky DiMarco, Jeremy East, Armando Edgardo, Enigma, Jack Handler, Randy Harden, Rogan Hardy, Hot Rod, Iraq, Justin, Kannon, Keiran, Eddie Kordova, Christian Marks, Mike Massey, Jake Mitchell, Antonio Montez, Sean Parker, Eli Pumper, Ian Rock, Sal, Dimitri Santiago, Ross Scott, Dominic Sol, Steven Shields, Rob Yaeger, guest appearances by Christian and Antonio Biaggi and more.

I have to admit one of my favorite scenes (even though I said I wasn’t going to talk about individual scenes) is when Keiran gets his 10 inch, fat cock sucked by muscle daddy Jack Handler. Having a hot daddy working on 10 inches is really over the top on the cocksucking scale. Its the first scene in the video, so hopefully you won’t blow your load too soon.

Rogan Hardy, the hot black guy that I featured on my blog, shows his true skills at sucking dick. Watching his mouth slide up and down on a cock is very hot to see. He sucks black cock too…working every drop of cum out of those delicious black dicks.

I could write more about this film, but its hard reviewing TIM films without cumming, watching some more, cumming again…its a grueling process. It’s a challenge to make a 150 minute video exclusively about cocksucking, but Max Sohl does a brilliant job at piecing this together, matching the men in a way that his highly erotic, and using the lighting and camera work in such a way that you feel like you are next in line for a blow job.

Great job! Be sure and add this video to your list!

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