CUMSLOPPY STORY || Suburban Gym Fun

I went to the gym near my house tonight around 9:30. It’s a new, nice suburban gym in a high end neighborhood, and though you will see a lot of cock you won’t see much cruising. In fact, I’ve never gotten or seen any indication of anyone playing there, and there aren’t any really good private spots to get some uninterrupted playtime. I did my workout and headed to the steam room to relax some.

A couple of minutes later another guy walked in, which wasn’t unusual and neither was he. A little older than me, balding, with a wedding ring and a towel wrapped around himself. He said hello & sat a few feet away; we were at right angles to each other. Both of us were wearing the not-too-large gym towels and nothing else, pretty much the standard for the steam room.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Suburban Gym Fun

I thought I saw him stealing a glance at me, or rather my crotch, but you can never be too careful. After a minute or so I casually and very briefly readjusted myself. A few seconds later he did the same… but no sense in taking risks. This is a pretty nice place, and a lot of our friends are members. I did start paying attention, though. It certainly did seem like his cock was getting a little plump, and so was mine. Several minutes passed as we discreetly eyed each other. It became obvious that his cock was at about half mast and so was mine. When I was pretty sure there was no mistaking what was going on I risked a more overt stroke or two. He leaned back and fully exposed his own cock, and we stroked for a minute or two, watching each other.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Suburban Gym Fun

I finally got up and went over to him. He took his hand off his cock and I engulfed it in my mouth, savoring the feeling of his smooth, hard cock. It was about the same length as mine, but a little thicker. After a minute or so he went out to get a shower to cool off a bit – so did I, then we headed back into the steam room.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Suburban Gym Fun

As soon as the door closed he stood on the lower of the two steps and opened his towel to show his hard cock. I immediately went to work on it, sucking and licking while I cupped his balls. We both knew the door could open at any time, which for me just made it hotter. I was wondering how his dick would feel shoved in my ass when he told me he was about to cum. I let him shoot the first shot or two on my face, then sucked him deep to swallow the rest of his load. As soon as he finished we made semi-plans to meet up again some time, same time…

I’m looking forward to my new gym schedule!

Courtesy of CruisingForSex. 

  1. I live in Finland. Here people are always naked ( without towels or anything ) in saunas or steamrooms. Public saunas too: swimming halls is forbidden to be in the sauna with a swimming pants or towels.I have nowadays big PA ring and big nipple rings – and I m locally well known gay slut. You can imagine how hard it’s to me be in public sauna after gym – without I get hard on. I have had sex in steamrooms and many men after sauna…

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