CASTING CALL || Wimbeldon

Meet Wimbeldon, he is a slim BDSM slut that is into anything from anyone. His fantasy is to be a part of TIM films, especially ones with leather, bondage and BDSM. He has dreams of being fucked by a group of tops, and taking the roll as the white trash bottom boy for a group of big dick black guys.

The proceeding is from his application, enjoy it, then go to Facebook and tell us whether he’s what you’re looking for in a 

Wimbeldon’s Application. –

  • [cock size] => 19cm
  • [cut/uncut] => Uncut
  • [height] => 177cm
  • [weight] => 65kg
  • [hair] => Brown
  • [eye] => Blue
  • [bodytype] => Slim
  • [ethnic] => White
  • [recdrug] =>  None
  • [fucking] =>Vers
  • [sucking] => Vers
  • [piss play] => Vers
  • [nipple play] => Vers
  • [felching] => Vers
  • [fist fucking] => Vers
  • [rimming] => Vers
  • [S&M] =>  Bottom
  • [turn ons] => I’m open for everyone and for everything.
  • [turn offs] => Bad hygiene.
  • [fanatasy] => My biggest wish is to take part in porn movies, and want very much to be with in films with leather, bondage and BDSM. And to be fucked in a group of several active tops. And being a white trash boy who gets fucked in a group of several black guys. I’m open to all suggestions!
  • [sexual talent] => I’m sucking cock very good. I am very good to get fucked, good to take big cocks up my ass. I’m very good to act.

Should Wimbeldon Be Our Next TIMWhore? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. YEAH HOT guy. Hire the whore and toss him to the TIM Studs!
    And fuck and use him in some horny bondage vids!

  2. Great body and a nice cock 🙂 I shot my load just imagining the gang bang of TIM men seeding his hole….give him a shot!
    Sign him up!!!

  3. Hell yeah!!! Would love to see him get plowed, seeded and fisted. OINK!!!

  4. YEAH !!! hood him up and let the new guys Luis and Flynn Evens fuck n seed his holes all night long… LOVE to see that !!!!!!

  5. Yes, very good gangbang slut TIM whore !!!!!!
    I hope you sign him up !!!!!

  6. Very hot boy….you would be crazy not to use this boy!!!!!
    Let Nick Moretti feature him and work him over., and some other TIMTops.
    That would be a hot fuck.
    Im waiting to see some him be used soon in some of your vids.
    Yeah!!! Use him!!!!

  7. Fuck Yeah!!!!!….Sign him up!!!!!….I think he would make a great TIMWhore….It will be so fuckin hot to watch this young buck get broken in by the HOT TIM tops……Gangfuck material for sure…….
    Please sign him up!!!!!!

  8. VERY HOT! Love seeing clean cut lookin twinks getting gangbanged their asses over flowing with loads. Sign him up!!!!!

  9. YES!!! Damn!!! Daddy will definitly whore that sweet, gaping hole out to the whole city. And to see some hard active dominant TIMTops fucking the shit out of this boywhore. And choke on dad’s piss, and swollow dad’s all seed for you bitch.

  10. OH YES !!!!
    Definitely yes !!!!
    This boy really badly wants to be chosen and to be used. I definitly think he can step up to the plate and become a true TIMWhore.
    Im looking forward to se some new vids whith him being bangfuckd and seeded up deeply !!!!!
    Please !!!! hire him !!!!

  11. Yeah !!! this boy is so verry good he really deserves being used by a gang of TIM mens seeding up his holes

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