Yesterday afternoon I went to the county’s jogging/bike trail to see if there was any hotties out. It has been cool here the last few days and was finally starting to warm up some. When I go I I normally wear a t-shirt, basketball shorts with no underwear so my package is easy to see, and a rainbow bracelet so the guys know. After walking for about 15 or 20 minutes, this hot ass black boy in his early 20’s came jogging toward me. He smiled and said hi, but kept on jogging. I was like…damn.. cause he was fine. Around 6’2 or so, slim/fit, nice light brown skin, and all sweaty in this t-shirt with the arms and neck cut out and basketball shorts.. I kept walking on for a few more minutes, then decided to turn back. When I got up to this turn, I saw him, walking now, towards me. When we got close to each other, he stopped and bent over to tie his shoe. He said hi again, and asked me how my walk was going. I told him ok, but it could be better and smiled. He laughed, and then stood up and touched my rainbow bracelet and told me it was nice. I smiled, and knew he was game. He asked me what I was looking for, and I told me I was pretty open, as long as I got sweaty and a good work out. He laughed a little. I told him I was going to walk back to this little spot in the woods, if he was interested, he could come with me. He told me sure.. and we walked up a little and cut through this small path into the woods to this small opening with a tree that had fallen down against a couple of other trees. Nobody can see into where this was from the trail.


When we got there, he asked me “So what’s up?” I reached over and touched his crotch, and felt a nice bulge under his basketball shorts. He got a big smile on his face, and I went to my knees, and rubbed it some more, then pulled the band of his shorts and underwear down and a nice long fat semi-uncut cock popped out in my face. I grabbed it, and ran my tongue around the head, and then slide him in my mouth. Sucking his cock until he was solid hard, and a good fat 8 inches. I was sucking him good, and licking all over his balls, and smooth chest, tasting the sweat from his jog. Damn.. he tasted good. After a little bit, he raised me up, and put his hands in my shorts and pulled my dick out and stroked it while I stroked him. He went down and sucked me for a little bit, and then I rubbed his head and told him I wanted him to fuck me with his big cock. He pulled off my dick looked up at me and asked if I had condoms. I told him no, but I was cool if he was. He stood up, and I stroked him some more, then he turned me around and pushed me against the broken tree. He ran his smooth cock against my ass checks, taking my ass for a dry run. He then spit on his hand and rubbed it on his dick. He held his hand out and told me to spit, so I did, and he rubbed it on my hole, and then his dick. He pushed me down so I was bent over in front of him, and slowly slid the head of his uncut cock into my ass.


When he realized I was having no problems taking him, he sped his rhythm up and pushed me harder against the tree and fucked my hole like crazy, putting every inch into me, and his smooth balls slapping against my ass. I guess being outside and the situation and all got him going good. After about 4 or 5 minutes of him pounding me, he started saying “fuck” and told me he was about to cum, and wanted to know where I wanted it. I looked back at him, and told him in my ass. He smiled and called me “Papi” started pounding faster and harder. I watched his face as he cringed up, and then he kicked his head up toward the sky and let out a gasp of air, and then I felt his dick pulsating his load balls deep into my hole. I told him to keep fucking me, to fuck his seed into my cunt. He slid back and forth in me a few more times, then as he pulled out, and a large stream of his cum flowed out of my hole around his dick and down my leg. I told him he came a shit load, and he laughed and told me he hadn’t gotten off in a week. I bent down and licked the cum from his dick, then sucked him clean. I told him not to wait so long the next time, to give me a shout and we could hit the woods again. He laughed, and said he would consider it, then pulled his shorts up, and left me standing there with his load dripping from my freshly fucked ass.


When I walked out of the woods, I started back toward my car. When I got up a bit, I saw him standing and talking to this girl. When I got close I said hi to them, and she smiled and said hi. He just looked over at me, and then went back to talking to her as if he had never seen me before in his life. I kept on walking, and thought “oh Well”, and then smiled at the fact that I had his boy seed planted deep in my hole to remember him by. But I’m sure if I saw him again, he wouldn’t hesitate to breed me again.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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