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After Don finished cumming he pulled his big cock out of me and I could feel his warm man-love dripping to the sheets from my dilated hole and running down my balls. He patted my right flank. “You’re a great fuck,” he said, between breaths.


“No, you’re the great fuck,” I called between my legs. “Thank you.” Don laughed as he backed away.

Into his place, on his knees, came his friend Bill, who’d been standing off to the side stroking himself while Don had fucked me the past half hour. Bill was the friend from out of state Don had been telling me about the past few months. “I sent Bill some pictures. He’s dying to fuck you. You’re OK if I share you with him right?”


“Bill’s a helluva nice guy. You’ll love him. He’ll be here for two weeks.”

Bill was bigger than Don, which was saying something. Maybe not longer but definitely thicker. I was glad Don had gone first—now I was nice and ‘open’ for the bigger guy, not to mention lubed up.


As Bill pushed into me for what would be the first of many fucks during his visit he said, “I just loving fucking a guy lubricated by another man’s jism. You have such nice skin, too, so smooth.” He slapped my narrow left buttock. I flinched. He grabbed the taut flesh of my hips and picked up where Don had left off: slamming me backwards against his stout thighs.

About 15 minutes in he told me to roll over. I complied, glad for the breather. As he pushed in me again, relentlessly, I wrapped my skinny legs around him. As he fucked me he kissed me on the mouth. We locked lips. He shoved his tongue down my throat until I felt myself suffocating. Finally he twisted his head aside and cried out. He must’ve screamed a half dozen times. I could feel his big cock throbbing in me as he released load after load. He’d emailed Don before leaving that he’d been ‘saving it up for a week’ and now I believed him.


As he backed away he patted my thigh and told me I’d been worth the wait. I thanked him. I wanted to thank him in another way, rolling forward and sucking the remaining cum dripping from his limp cock.

Courtesy of AGaySex. 

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