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He’s from Croatia and asked us to call him “Dave”.  There was a pretty serious language barrier, but he had no problem enjoying Mojo’s antics.  We tried to get Mojo to sit still for a photo (Matt’s giving her a treat here), but she was too excited by all the commotion involved in having a naked man being photographed.

He’s in SF to do a porn shoot with another company—Hot House.  He won’t do bareback porn, so the most I could hope for was taking stills of him.  And I was fine with that.

I pointed to the leather couch and he hopped up, posing like this.  I immediately got the sense that he likes the idea of showing off his butt-hole for the camera.  Again, no complaints from me.


He was jet-lagged and couldn’t understand anything I was saying.  But when I went down below him for this shot, his demeanor slipped nicely into show-off mode. His ass begs for cock or tongue.  It’s hungry and ready.

Without saying a word I moved in a bit closer.  He slid his finger in and made a quiet guttural sound.  His cock immediately started growing.

He’s all about being fucked.  He had little interest in handling his cock but loved holding his balls up so I could appreciate his perfectly fuckable hole.


  1. He won’t do bareback porn with HH cause he’s already done tons with Machofucker and Eric’vs videos (and many other companies). Please!

  2. Oh thank The Gods! A man who doesn’t shave his body!! See far too many models do that, it isn’t attractive to me.

  3. looking for a job in porn industry…top or bottom.for anal sex,oral sex,fisting ,pissing,any…

  4. Fuck yeah. I would love to take a roll in the hay with him. I think he would sign with TIM with a little persuasion

  5. Maybe he won’t do bareback porn with TIM but he has done bareback porn with other studios…

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