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Hey, horny folks.

OK, so last week was all about family and cosiness and Easter eggs, but this week is all about cocks and bums, hehe.

But not any cocks and bums. I have yet again realised that I’m no one man’s man, and therefore I’ve come to this decision: Whereas before (over the years) any horny big cock, juicy bum, or eager mouth would do, even though I might not have always fancied the beholder (almost true, hehe, and I wasn’t even on drugs), now I will try to value quality over quantity. Wish me luck on that one… These days I tend to prefer a good old wank, left to my own dirty pervy fantasies, rather than a bad blowjob, hehe.


Anyhow, we’ll see how that goes.


This week was lovely. Seeing my dad and all was a lot of fun but, my god, one does get horny when one can’t have sex! The build up got released into the horny bum of a young lad from the northern UK, in his nice little hotel room when he was in town. We played daddy and son, me being the daddy and he the son, obviously. He sucked my cock so deep and good I almost came straight away, but I held back till I fucked him in several positions in the hotel room and licked his horny bum (you can see a pic of his bum and cock below).


The best part for you guys is that he also had an interview with Liam, so you might see him soon in some horny bb film. He’s vers but for me he was total bottom, hehe. He has such an amazing HUGE cock, bigger than mine, haha. Definitely someone I want to see more of!!!


One thing I’ve observed lately is that growing older means caring less about what others think of you, and I TOTALLY love this fact, hehe! I always used to wonder how my mum could go out wearing some of her very colourful clothes.

Anyhow,  have a great week and see you soon.

Hugs –  Anton

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  1. Sooo, Anton:

    Besides ALWAYS luving to hear ur HOT, personal musings–god, U make me fukin’ horny!!!!–ur ‘son’ (that’s HIS HUGE cock just above ur ‘Kuk” vid? Damn! He IS HUGE!!! & vers…? Really? Does he like to play ‘house’ as HIM the ‘Top-son’ & me his ‘btm-daddy’? Woof!!! Of course, goes w/outsaying THAT invite definitely eXXXtend 2 to U!!!! YUM!!!!! LUV 2 have U breed-n-seed my ass, repeatedly!!!

    Sounds like u really are ‘growing up’…kinda all true. (Getting older CAN suck!! NOT the good way!! So FEW dudes even SEE U, let alone consider u ‘viable’…& being a btm, doesn’t help as u point out, many/most boys see older dudes as ‘the teacher’ or ‘Top’, NOT MY ‘nature’ or prefence.) But we DO start to realize that while we still get horny, & definitely still WANT to be ‘wanted’, we’d rather ‘take care or out needs, ourselves’ over having BAD sex just 2 make contact & find ourselves LESS focused/OBSESSED w/ being something OTHERS want us to be & just being ourselves.

    As 4 the clip of ur ‘Kuk’ vid, presumed in the opening that was UR cock being swung around…(looked ‘small’ 4 U!!! Butt uncut, THICK root…) instead of U being the cock-sucker….damn!

    Kisses,hugs & ‘filthy’ licks,


    1. Hey scott, thank you for your long message,
      much appreciated,
      and very true, hehe

      oh yeah I was just the cocksucker in that clip hehe, horny cock to suck

      hugs anton

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