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Hey, horny fuckers.

Hope you had a cool and chilled week. Mine has been busy, and lots of thinking (about sex, relationships, family and friends) has been occupying my mind.

Here is a nice little metaphor I came up with: To me sex is like eating. Yes, as simple as that.

It’s a must, a physical need — my body cannot cope without it and I go nuts, lol. Of course, I’ve noticed over the years that I need to “eat” less than I did when I was 16-19, but I still “eat” a lot, I guess.

Sometimes you get a nice meal and sometimes you have scraps, sometimes you eat out, other times you have a meal at home or a take away/delivery, hehe. Sometimes you have a romantic dinner with a loved one, other times it’s a rough, messy/greasy burger that you know is not really that good for you but you still can’t help yourself.


But say you were to eat the same thing year after year — just the thought of it makes me cringe. I mean, I love breakfast cereals but I wouldn’t want it all the time, and a nice steak or sausage and mash is lovely, but for breakfast? No thanks, hehe.


Anyhow I’m sure you get my point by now. Sex can be wonderful and horny, but we have to remember that it can be dull and boring sometimes, too, while still filling a physical need. And that’s all right.

Society and religions would have us believe that sex ideally should be within a committed relationship¬† and that if you “cheat” on your (lifelong) partner by having sex with someone else, you’re seen in bad light. But what if we all just simply accepted that we are actual physical (and sexual) beings, and that love and relationships don’t always tie in with your sex life? That would make life so much easier for everyone. We would grow up in a society that is more liberal and would allow people to be more open and honest with one another, and less jealous — I believe honesty is much more important than where my cock’s been lately.

People always seem to make such a big fuss about sex, but it’s just a fun physical need for the body, an outburst of orgasmic energy, shared for a brief moment with someone else. Sometimes it can feel like this huge build up for something that really is the most natural thing in the word, a pressure build up that can make you blow up if you don’t get to release it often enough. At least that’s what it does to me, hehe. I don’t know how much sex you guys have but, as you’ve probably figured out by now, I tend to have a lot. Less nowadays than before, but at least 3-4 times a week (used to be every day, lol, I’m getting old). It’s great exercise, hehe. I honestly struggle if I don’t have it for 2 weeks in a row; that makes me tense and annoyed easily.

Anyhow, let me know your thoughts on this. I’m really interested to hear from you,

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  1. Well, Anton–my HOT, sexy, ‘slutty’ STUD-buddy–I’m conflicted.
    My 1st bf-str8 after college 22…–assumed we were monogamous (probably did as well, but NEVER discussed & he was a VERY active young boi…), so when I ‘slipped’ & played w/ some horny dude who picked me up off Polk Street & took me home to fuk, I went along, had some HOT, meaningless, casual sex–unbeknownst to me!!! w/ a ‘calling card’ marking my neck! Ooops! Busted, BIG time! He NEVER got over the tryst & we remained on rocky grounds 4 the next few months we lasted….
    Next time, several years later, I told my only REAL ‘hubby’–we lasted, off & on, mostly on, w/ shared accts, house ownership, multiple medical emergencies, etc.! for almost 12 years!!–that I was crazy about him, but COULDN’T do the monogamous thing again. He reluctantly agreed, ‘cheated’ that 1st week we officially committed after 2+ years of ‘dating’ & had an open relationship throughout, even enjoying several 3-ways & considered possible on-going 3-way ‘commitment’ if we found a ‘good fit’. I wasn’t ‘faithful’, altho far more so than he was, somedays, he’d have 3 or 4 b-4 lunch…get up in the middle of the night to go ‘cruising’, broke up a few times to have “LOST weekends” of non-stop debauchery, & my ONLY, agreed/stipulated from the outset, NO ‘cmplicated’ hookups, as in NO emotional attachments (& only ACTUALY ‘forbade’ him w/ his 2 best friends he had the serious HOTS for & only for THAT reason, literally TELLING him his emotional attachments would make the sex MUCH more & I was NOT comfortable w/ that–he fuk’d w/ BOTH, & lied about BOTH!!! Took him OVER a year & MY telling HIM he’d fuk’d w/ Brad & I KNEW it & telling him HE needed to work it out as HIS guilt & ANGER @ Brad for NOT returning his feelings was eating HIM up!!! Whe FINALLY admitted I had been right, instead of relief, it felt like a knife. I had ‘known’, but could keep ‘denying’ i, until he confirmed. Dr Joyce Brothers was right, even when u think they know, until U confirm, u leave a space for them to doubt…. There was MUCH more to our eventual break-up, but his persistant & chronic philandering w/out LIMITS definitely took a profound toll on me.
    I’ve been on BOTH sides of the argument–can tell u, that even 12 years in, the sex WE had–he agreed, repeatedly when asked, LONG after we broke up!!!–as ALWAYS AWESOME!! & while rare @ 1st–he was a chronic ‘bater, could beat off 4 or 5 times in a morning, but ONLY wanted sx together, once a week, Sat mornings, like clockwork & ALWAYS the same, early on.
    Later, as we got to KNOW each other, yes, INSIDE & out, the set got better, MORE INTENSE, powerful XXXplosive, mind-blowing AMAZING!! If ONLY the other stuff coulda been worked out… (Everybody talks about sex between couples getting boring, maybe because of out other ‘problems’ & sex being the ONLY way we really ‘connected’, ours got better & better!!)

    Anyway, after that, I felt a lingering hurt, betrayal, resentment, distrust & invalidation. Was I just ‘not enuf for him’? Was there something ‘wrong’ w/ me? Or was it ALL him? (I think it was MOSTLY him, but pretty sure I unknowingly played a role @ times along the way, 1 way or another….)

    So, I can see that too much pressure, making more of sex vs luv-making, intimacy & connection can be TOO much pressure 4 many/most/ALL(?) of us. On the otherhand, also find that being TOO casual can lead to NOT valueing the precious connection u have w/ that special someone & cause problems as time goes by.
    Also, there IS a kind of passion u CAN develop & grow when u commit, work thru problems, & ‘limit’ ur appetites’ to each other–which does NOT mean eating ‘the same meal’ every night!! Trust me! My ‘ex’ & I ran the gamut of sex from the more tender & romantic, leisurely & sensual, to the slam-bam-ram, cum-&-go rutting to outdoor ‘adventures’, & raw, hardore, ‘trashy’ sex, including explorations in ‘kinks’ & ‘fetishes’, so, just because ‘dinner’s is ALWAYS ‘beef’, doesn’t mean u can’t have a ‘juicy steak’ 1 night, a greasy, cheesey burger another, & a nice, ‘wholesoime’ rump roast another. There must be something to say for continuity & also something to be recognized in being careless or cocky about NOT prizing ur partner enuf to make SURE NOTHING cums between u 2! On the other hand, I recognize that casual encounters CAN ‘serve a purpose’ as well as relieve an immeidate ‘need’, altho, waiting & wanting has some AMAZINGLY AWESOMEower too!!! Also know that MY ‘encounters’ meant ‘nothing’ butt–& this IS the caveat!!!–HIS didn’t ALWAYS feel so ‘meaningless’ & took a serious toll on MY self-esteem, sense of being valued (‘VALUABLE’).
    Still, we are ALL humans, & disregarding that a humans, we ARE ‘animals’, basic, SEXUAL creatures, prone to getting horny, self-indulging, spontaneous, foolish, selfish, needy, bodily, ‘fluid’/’fluidy’/fluidly’ base & earthy, luving, thoughtful, mindless, casual, intelligent, feeling, & MANY other things butt ALWAYS complicated!!

    1. That’s very interesting
      Thank you for sharing, and what hits me straight away is te importance of trust and open-ness in any type of relationships, whether it be sexual or not,
      Big hugs Anton

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