CUMSLOPPY STORY || Pulled Muscle

I’m a junior in college and play lacrosse. Our practices are pretty rigorous and one day when I pulled something in my leg, I hobbled over to the locker room with the help of my coach. Everyone else was practicing outside. My coach got me some ice and radioed the teams physical therapist and he came down after ten minutes or so.

After ten minutes with ice on it, my leg didn’t hurt all that bad. But our physical therapist was Jake, a 31 year old tall dark and handsome kind of guy. A little heavy, but it is a sexy kind of heavy if you know what I mean. Anyway, he checked me out, stretched my leg and what not and after stretching he said he’d massage it for me. I laid down on the padded exam table and let him go to work.

I laid on my back and had only my shirt and underwear (I removed my pants for the ice). I relaxed and let him massage me. To both Jake and I’s surprise- I got a boner. It was clear through my underwear, but I didn’t realize it until he said “My apologies if I get you a little excited” I looked up and nervously tried to hide my boner.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Pulled Muscle

He laughed and said don’t worry about it, that it’s natural. Really embarrassed, I laid my head back down and he kept massaging, except he went higher and higher on my leg. Then he started rubbing both legs. Pretty soon he was rubbing my thighs and I couldn’t help but let out a quiet moan every now and then. He started to slip his fingers under the bottom on my underwear as he massaged.

Finally, he ran his hands all across my underwear, moving over my boner. I shuddered. It felt amazing! I kept quietly moaning, it was too good not too. He started jerking me off through my underwear. Finally, he slid it down to my knees and took my dick in his hand. He slowly jerked me off with his right as he massaged my chest with his left.

His hand made it up to my neck and then my face. He slipped his fingers in between my lips. I sucked and moved my tongue all around them. I hear the sound of a zipper and took over to see his dick staring me in the face. He was rock hard, and it was pulsating with each heart beat of his. I took it in my mouth as he continued jerking me off.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Pulled Muscle

The harder I would suck, the faster he’d jerk me off. We were both quietly moaning to each other. Pretty soon, I couldn’t take it, I had to cum. Without saying a word, I started moaning more with his dick in my mouth. I shot my cum, three, four, five streams all over my abs and his fist. He kept stroking my dick for a minute before he scooped up my cum with his fingers, pulled my knees up, and started fingering me.

All this while I sucked his dick. Within a couple minutes he started really finger banging me, I loved it! He thrust his dick in and out of my mouth and slid his fingers in and out. Then out of no where, takes his dick out of my mouth, and starts to jerk himself off. He steps down so that he cums on my abs and my semi erect dick. He moaned and moaned as he came and came.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Pulled Muscle

When he was done he spread some cum over my abs with his fingertip and then asked me how my leg was feeling. “It stopped hurting before you came down” I said. He smiled and I pulled my underwear back on to head back out to practice. You can assume that I played very well that day.

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