Gay life in Houston is mostly centered in the Montrose neighborhood, with nearly two dozen gay bars and clubs sprinkled in between lovely craftsman style homes and apartment buildings. You’ll find something for everyone here from popular gay dance clubs to leather bars and neighborhood haunts popular with locals.

The Club Houston – Houston hothouse

The Houston entry in the Club bathhouse franchise, this facility has everything a happy homo needs to satisfy every carnal need, from private rooms to suana/steam and huge outdoor pool & patio. Get laid–or just enjoy the sensual atmosphere.

Midtowne Spa – A safe place for men to play

The Midtown chain offers safe, clean facilities for men. This location features a private outdoor garden, perfect for tanning, several private room including leather, and a fully-equipped gym. It also has a pool, hot tub and sauna.


Dallas has one of the largest gay populations in the US. Gay Dallas is primarily centered around the Oak Lawn neighborhood with bars, restaurants and stores found throughout Cedar Springs Rd and Oak Lawn Avenue. The intersection of Throckmorton and Cedar Springs has been called the “crossroads” of Oak Lawn and is the home to a bunch of Gay Bars within walking distance. Being a big city, there is a wide variety of people and scenes, so you are sure to find what you seek.

Club Stallions – Dark and Moody

Black walls and moody red lighting give Babylon a naughty dungeon feel, minus the BDSM.

The Club Dallas – Superlative sex in the offing at The Club chain in Dallas

Upscale bathhouse with full operations. This is a very clean gay sexual center with facilities such as a weight room, whirlpool, steam room, dry sauna, heated pool, sundeck, outdoor pool, vending area, porn feeds, private dressing rooms, lockers, showers & more. Check out the Sunday BBQ by the pool!

Midtowne Spa Dallas – Fun in the Dallas sun

This spa features workout stations, free weights, aerobic equipment, dry sauna, steam room and two tiered hot tub. On the second floor, the Mardi Gras room is a social lounge with tables and chairs. The remainder of the second floor contains single and double rooms. The third floor contains another selection of rooms including fantasy-themed rooms: mirrored playpen, medical exam room, leather den/jail room, black lite room, tea room and the honeymoon suite.


Gay Austin doesn’t have a “gay ghetto” as such, as gay people and bars are well integrated throughout this tolerant city. The downtown warehouse district is the home to a number of gay bars and a few gay bars and clubs are sprinkled around town.

Midtowne Spa Austin – Get a little midsection at the Midtowne

All the amenities you have come to expect from Midtowne Spa are included in this new facility: complete workout facility with free weights and aerobic equipment, outdoor hot tub, dry sauna, showers and private rooms as well as lockers, of course.


If we missed anything be sure to bring it up in the comments section below. As well as recommendations for the next city we dive deep into. 

  1. The city in the picture is Dallas, not Houston. You probably should correct that.

  2. I live here in Dallas and this article is over blowing the bath houses. Sorry guys. They were drug havens, basically gay crack houses so I drove the 200+ miles to go to Club Houston just to avoid them. They have cleaned up their act now and kicked out the drug dealers. Now on the busiest night there might be just a dozen people there. The bars in Oak Lawn are great. Every time I travel to another city I realize how lucky the gay population in Dallas is. People come here from all over the country just to party on our block. The Halloween party on the strip every year is HUGE and worth paying Dallas a visit.

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