A Grand Experiment || NICK MORETTI Talks DAMAGED GOODS

After years as a performer and then director at another studio I was finally released from their dungeon. My mind was filled with so many things I had wanted to document on film. Dark and disturbing, raw and beautiful things. Things I wasn’t allowed to do in the past, for whatever reason. There was only one company I had any interest in sharing my ideas with; that was Treasure Island Media. From what I had seen of their films I knew they weren’t afraid to push limits and explore sexual boundaries. In fact, they excelled at doing just that.

tim-150-s4.1In my initial email to them I detailed the kind of project I was interested in working on. I wanted to do something that really hasn’t been done before. Capture real dom/sub play sessions between men who were actually into this in real life. Combine this with the hot, raw sex that Treasure Island Media is known for and the result should be explosive. The BDSM porn that is currently out there is basically… take a pretty porn star, dress him up in leather or fetish gear, tell him what to say and force him to do things he has no interest in. Edit that in with some weak, disconnected sex and what you have is a very pretty but extremely boring. I’ve had enough of that already. It’s time to take it to the next level.

At my first meeting with TIM I found out Paul had recently expressed the desire to explore the darker, fetish side of sex on film. My timing could not have been better. Paul couldn’t make it to this meeting and I was both disappointed and relieved that he wasn’t there. I mean, this is the legendary Paul Morris we’re talking about. Did anyone really know much about him? I know I didn’t.

Our second and third meetings had us closer to the point where this was actually going to happen. Even though it was clear that Paul had reviewed what was discussed, and his feedback was communicated, he was always tied up somewhere doing something else and didn’t attend these meetings either.

In the final meeting I presented detailed descriptions of several scenes I had wanted to document and outlined what resources I would need to accomplish this. Paul had been caught up in another meeting but was on his way. An hour and a half later and he still wasn’t there.

We wrapped the meeting up on a positive note and I stepped out of the office and started down the stairs. As I rounded the second landing a man was coming up the stairs and as I passed him he said, “Nick Moretti. It’s good to finally meet you.” I responded with an uncertain, “Paul Morris?” He said, “Yes” and I countered, “It’s great to meet you as well. We just had an awesome meeting and I hope to actually talk to you in person sometime.” I followed this with a playful but firm punch to the chest and I turned and continued walking down the steps. I walked out of the building with my heart racing and “Fuck, did I just do that?” going through my mind. I guess I was more annoyed than I thought about Paul not making our meeting his priority and I also guess it was my way of exerting a little dominance in a situation where I really had very little control. Domination… Submission… this was going to be an interesting collaboration.

I got home about an hour later and was greeted with a message from Treasure Island Media saying that Paul had liked my plan and me and was interested in going ahead with the project. Fuck ya!

The next few months were a blur. The shoots were always extreme and the sex was always primal. Because this was real BDSM play, and not scripted and fake, the outcome was never certain. It was like we were documenting some grand experiment on the relationship of dominance and submission, and the balance of pleasure and pain. One experiment failed miserably because the Dom showed weakness to the sub and couldn’t maintain the control that was essential. Another scene that was focused around water sports was scrapped because Paul and I disagreed on what should be expected and even demanded from a sub. He felt the sub’s limits were not thoroughly tested. Paul is much less forgiving than I am. We both agreed the results were mediocre at best and that is not what we were going for.


All of the other experiments far exceeded my expectations. Watching Antonio Biaggi psychologically dominate and physically destroy Patrick O’Connor is both disturbing and beautiful. Antonio uses his innate ability to control just as powerfully as he uses his huge cock. My brutal testing of innocent first time player Tyson James’s limits reminded me of why I get off on totally controlling someone. The boy started off all smiley and playful and quickly realized he had gotten himself into a situation that he was not sure he was going to be able to handle. By the end of our session he had totally submitted and was my personal fuck slave. This was very different from the encounter between Chad Brock and Morgan Black. Chad has this need to prove he can take anything that is thrown at him. He’s too proud to ever use his safe work. It was going to take a lot to test his limits. Morgan went right for his deepest fear and watching the sweat pour down Chad’s mummified body, and pool on the floor around his feet, as Morgan Black violates him was exquisite. Chad was working so hard to maintain his composure that it was almost impossible to tell if he was even breathing.


The highlight of this whole experience for me is without a doubt the scene where Brad McGuire and I beat Rowdy McBeal senseless as he begs for more. We brutally fuck his face and ass and leave him broken, bleeding and totally satiated. At one point Brad was pounding the boys ass as hard as he could while I was fucking his throat. I increased the pressure of my arm around his throat and started to choke him out. I’ve never seen this captured on film before and watching it gives me chills. Rowdy goes from a state of panic, to an eerily tranquil lights-out moment that is shattered by a back-to-life gasp. This abuse was like a drug to him and Brad and I fed off the high he was getting from it. (A quick side note here… Rowdy and I were boyfriends at the time we filmed this scene and it was just a couple of days before Christmas. Immediately after the shoot the two of us went to The Cheesecake Factory to have an early Christmas dinner since he was going home to be with his family for the holidays. As we sat there the bruises on his face continued to darken and swell and, although he was in quite a bit of pain, he was glowing with a sense of pride that was clear to see. I think I was almost as proud of him as he was of himself. Although we are not together any more, that shoot actually bonded us closer together than ever.)

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