He came to my company to be in porn.  He’s been in a good deal of porn already and is fairly famous.  But the fact that he’s from Kansas and is an ex-soldier gave him a refreshing charm and decency.

He seemed guarded, almost embarrassed by the size of his cock.  In the porn he’s made he was usually cast as a dominant top.  In reality, he’s gentle and submissive.


He was calm, easy with the camera.  At 24, he’s in a serious long-term relationship.  There was an enormous emotional depth to him.

For a while I took close-up snapshots like this.  Every part of his body was lovely and beautifully formed.  His navel is a perfect little spiral.

I can tell you from ages of experience that it’s a rare thing to meet a young man who has gone through the world of porn yet managed to maintain his integrity.  Its says a great deal about the substance of his character and the quality of his upbringing.


Here’s a man who has gone through war and pornography and is still just fine.  There was something simple, warm and generous about his physicality, his embodiment.  It reminded me of a phrase by Walt Whitman: “And your very flesh shall be a great poem.”


  1. Damn! Ethan, you are fine! Would welcome you and your PA into my hole anytime, dude!

    1. I totally agree with you. An amazingly handsome man who exudes sexuality.

  2. I just loves him, cute and versatile. very sexy. he has now a Bio hazard tattoo… please make more movies with him!

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