4-18-13 TIMFuck Exclusive Scene || DREW SEBASTIAN & DANNY


After seeing Drew Sebastian in action in a couple of exclusive scenes, Danny Blue dropped us a line saying he wanted his shot at the TIM stud in person — “He can do anything he wants to me,” Danny said. Drew takes the kid as his word in this searing session as he fucks Danny in every position he can think of. The generous topman even gives the hungry li’l bone puppy the privilege of licking his cock clean between poundings. 



Finally, after unleashing his load and getting a taste of the hot, gooey spunk he just dumped in Danny’s hole, Drew lies back and opens wide as Danny makes a mouth-watering sperm deposit of his own directly onto Drew’s waiting tongue. DIRECTOR: Paul Morris. Now, ONLY at TIMFuck.com


  1. That was alot of cum. danny needs more practice like he’s having fun. Looks too pissed off. but hot

  2. Drew’s dick is like an arm. So fucking hot seeing him blow his load in Danny’s gaping hole. Watching Danny deep throat that huge dick is impressive. When are you going to have more videos of this hot newcomer?

  3. can’t wait to see more of this new hot bottom. definitely one of the hottest guys to work for treasure island

  4. I used to fuck “Danny” pretty regularly a few years back…so hot, but a total fuckin sociopath haha

    1. I’m good friends with Danny. Didn’t know he did porn, which is hot, but sociopath is a hefty word to throw out there. I’m a licensed psychologist and Danny would not be considered sociopathic. He can be opinionated, verbal and says exactly how he feels, but I doubt you have the grounds to judge so harshly. Honestly one of the most genuine and real guys I have ever met. Maybe the only way he could be considered a sociopath is perhaps having sex with someone like you, who probably didn’t treat him well and continued to go back to you, hoping for another outcome.

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